Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Every Sunday I anxiously read PostSecret.  They update the blog on Sundays and the post is only there for a week and then it's changed.  SO I really should have told you about this sooner but it has weighed on my mind all week and I just have to tell you how deeply I was touched by one postcard.

If you're unfamiliar with the site, people send in a secret on a postcard anonymously. Often there are cards that touch me, make me laugh, gasp, or feel less alone. This past Sunday one made me cry. I couldn’t even read it aloud to Dennis for my tears and I am tearing up as I write this now. Here’s what the card said:

I’m not going to try to cope when

my mom has lost her battle with cancer.

I’m going to kill myself.

I hope there is an afterlife.

Go to PostSecret to see the actual card. And maybe take a moment to pray, appeal to your higher power, send this person good vibes or whatever you believe. Let’s change her heart.

Cancer Sucks!

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