Monday, May 19, 2008

Birds, birds, and more birds

I promised some bird photos. I took a short walk along a local pond a few evenings ago and snapped all these photos.


Some sort of little flycatcher.


Thanx to a birding friend I know this is a Warbling Vireo. I don’t think I had ever seen one before. And I had the pleasure of watching two play in a tree. I spent a couple of days looking through my bird books and I had narrowed it down to a warbler or vireo, so I thought it was really funny when Gwen told me what it was.

gray catbird

Gray Catbird - I had never seen one of these either. This pretty little thing just sat there and let me snap away. I only took three shots and they all turned out good, little poser! From what I’ve read they are good mimics, like mockingbirds.

american goldfinch

Can you find the Goldfinch? He just cracked me up!

baltimore oriole

Baltimore Oriole - I saw my first oriole last summer while paddling around up north. I was so surprised to see several right here. Just goes to show that it‘s worth it to zoom in and see what bird is up there. I figured it was one I see a lot of and was so surprised and excited.

rose-breasted grosbeak

Rose-breasted Grosbeak - These little guys seem to be every where right now. You will get to see a few more of them later.

This week is a little crazy as we are preparing for a vacation. So please be patient with me if I don’t make it around as quickly as I normally do.

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