Saturday, December 12, 2009

Wisconsin Fun


The winters get mighty long up here, so you have to find tons of things to do in the snow, or hole up inside 7 months of the year, lol.


Just for giggles you can have someone go huddle on the ground, then aim the snow-blower at them and see how long it takes to cover them completely.


Or heck, make a competition of it and have someone time you, then switch places.



Be careful not to get too close to your victim.


You might have to adjust the spout so it aims better. But it doesn't take long at all to bury them.




Like magic, he's gone. From what he tells me, once he's covered it's not too cold inside, I haven't offered to be buried myself though.



  1. that looks like great fun, but very cold fun!

  2. Yikes! I was just thinking about how cold it must be! And I know...You Guys LOVE the cold!!

  3. So you haven't tried this yourself, Lisa? Ha!! Great job making the snow fun and playful!!

  4. O.K. I know what to do when I'm living in the snow 7 months of the year! Have the hot chocolate ready for me when I come out though!

  5. Yikes! Just look at all that snow! I can't even imagine! You guys are silly - I like that :-)

  6. Ah the things you brain-freezers do for entertainment....

    Actually, snow is an excellent insulator so once you're encased in it, it's sort of like being wrapped in a really heavy blanket. Unfortunately, it's a very cold and wet blanket (or maybe not so wet as cold as it gets up there).

    I think I'll pass on being buried in it all the same.

  7. Looks fun! But I would want to be the one with the snow blower.... :)

  8. I don't think I would be volunteering for that particular bit of fun either. ;) But it makes for a wonderful series of pictures. I even had to share them with my husband.

  9. I can't believe you guys did this! LOL

  10. Depends on what you term "fun" Lisa. My late canine friend Roscoe was a Malamute/Husky mix. That boy would lay in the snow for hours. He loved it. I remember taking him for walks after (sometimes during) a snowstorm. Took forever because he just wanted to play (and make as much yellow snow as he could).

    We don't generally get a lot of snow in NJ. Hope my snow shovel stays parked this year.

    These are nice playful shots. I see they are color, but look B&W in a monochrome world of snow.

  11. Looks like they are having so much fun there, but I think I'll just stick to my sunny weather here, cos that sure look soooooo cold to me! lol

  12. REALLY enjoyed looking at these while sitting in the warmth of Florida, LOL! Snow is pretty from a distance. I'll be back there next week, ugh!

  13. I know someone I would like to bury for 7 months. LOL Never a dull moment in Wisconsin!

  14. Such an abundance of snow. I love it--from here! Great photos.