Friday, December 4, 2009

A high price to pay


So I bought a cute little seed bell for my bird friends.  My husband helped me hang it, then the next day we found it on the ground.  What happened?


See that pinkish/red?  What the heck?


Then we found blood on some leaves.


Ouch - this gave me the heebie jeebies, did I transfer them to you?


Then we looked up and discovered what happened to the seed bell.  It had been in the netting.  Mr Squirrel thought he would like some and in his eagerness he chewed through the net, knocking down the bell, and apparently leaving behind a chunk of tail.  Ewwww!


I feel kind of bad for the squirrel, I have not yet figured out which squirrel is missing a chunk of tail. . .but I wonder, if I hang up another bell, will he be back?  Did he learn anything at all?

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  1. YIKES!
    I thought the story was going to end because of a Hawk ....

  2. Ewww, this looks kind of nasty, but I don't think he'll have learned a thing. He'll be back!

  3. Good grief - I knew squirrels would do anything for bird seed but I didn't know they'd be willing to lose some tail over it LOL

  4. this post made me cry. :(

    I wonder if his tail got caught in the net as he tried to reach for the bird seed and that's why he chewed through it (and his tail)

  5. Okay I am officially grossed out now. Good thing I already ate lunch.

  6. YIKES. That's a lot of hair left behind. Poor little guy.

  7. Yes..if he isn't back another squirrel or raccoon or even deer if they can reach it. It was nice of you to put it out. If you want birds to get it, you would have to hang it where the other animals couldn't get there....Michelle

  8. Wow, I had never had that happen when I hung one thank goodness. Poor squirrel.

  9. Greedy critter! Sorry, but if you have had those buggers in your attic waking you up at all hours of the night scurrying across the floor and digging and nawing, in your ceiling .. you wouldn't feel sorry for him at all!

  10. I'm going to resist making the joke that jumped into my head. I am. Nope. Wild horses couldn't drag it out of me.

    Seriously though? I thought this was going to end much worse than it did. It's all the circle of life, and Mr. Squirrel will live to steal another day.

  11. Ewwwwwww....gross. I hope those seeds were good. Squirrels are idiots.

  12. I thought a cat might have gotten to a bird, but that didn't explain the food on the ground! I hope the next batch you will put up will not end with the same fate!

  13. Squirrels are very persistent, I fear. It will be back. Too bad it got hurt though.

  14. I'm sure the squirrel is on to the fun stuff. snip the net nad hair off of the branch and but it in a baggie and freeze it. There's some good squirrel DNA in there...

    Good eye!

  15. ick! you surely have a strong stomach.