Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Addy & Twister

Every now and then I just have to share my sweet little grandchildren.  I get to play with Tristan and Adrianna every week, but I usually don't have a spare hand for a camera.  They keep me hopping.


It's so amazing to me how quickly the time is flying!  Mr Beautiful Brown Eyes is getting SO big!  Although he's 2 years old, he's about the size of a 4 year old.  He love Max & Ruby, but he calls it Two Maxes.  He still isn't talking much.  I'm very anxious to carry on a conversation with him, sigh.


Can you believe that Ms Bright Blue Eyes will be a year old in a couple of weeks?!  She's still pretty tiny but she's about 18 lbs now and wearing size 6 month clothes.  She is toddling around just preciously!


This particular day she was all smiles!   I took these last week, when she was still toothless, now she has three teeth poking through!


She loves hugs and kisses and helping me cook.  It's amazing how much she loves being held, she doesn't wiggle at all while I hold her on my hip and cook with the other hand.  And every time I kiss her she giggles.


Tristan likes to close his eyes when he sees the camera.  But at least he's quit running from it, lol.  For this photo, I thought the closed eyes worked; he's lost in his song.


I love to see her smile!


This table sure has made her mad a few times.  Before she toddled, when she crawled, she would crawl between the couch and this table and get stuck, then stay squished and squealing until I "saved" her.


Playing patty-cake and watching brother.  She has a lot of patience with her older brother and all the ways he "helps" her. :)


However, she would not let him hold for any photos.  She kept tugging away from him and I ended up with legs, or arms. . .well you get the idea, nothing usable except this one.  She's looking and smiling and appearing to sign "more", but Tristan looks distracted by the bear's Santa hat.


Twister sure tried to hold her down.


She decided to take a whirl at being a singer.


I bet she's going to love her birthday cake!  Her birthday is exactly 1 week before Christmas.


O.M.G!  He smiled!  Can you believe that he smiled, with eyes open, for the camera?!


Eventually, all that walking wears a girl out and little Addy needs a snuggle and a nap.  The funny thing is, now that she has become a snugglebug, Twister has decided being cuddled isn't so bad.  So I end up with two on my lap.


Then he's back to playing with his cars - vroom!


Naptime's overrated, so after a quick snuggle, she's off and running again.


At least she's still smiling.


  1. Those beautiful smiles just brightened my morning! Thank you:)

  2. Awwww, she is ADORABLE! I want to biteinto this smily cheeks, kiss her on the nose, hug her and hold her.

    You're one lucky grandma Lisa!

  3. I´m so jealous! They are both soooo adorable. Addy´s little smile is just the cutest!!

  4. Omigod, Ms. Blue Eyes is a travel-sized Lisa! You sure she's a grandkid and not one of your own? Because I'm betting if you pulled out a 1-year photo of you you couldn't tell the difference. Well except that the photo of you would have faded a little by now. But there's no way you could ever deny this one girl!

    And that's a good thing.

  5. She sure is a happy baby, smiling almost all the way for the camera. Tristan is one handsome boy. Thank you for sharing these photos of your grandchildren with us. It truly warmth my heart to see them.

  6. Boy she really has big blue eyes. He is a cutie. My carson is almost 4 wearing a can that be?

    You have beautiful grandchildren.

  7. How adorable are they? don't you just love being a grandma?

  8. They are beautiful Lisa! Those smiles just melt the heart.

  9. We love seeing photos of your grandkids and kids. As a matter of fact, I woulkd love it if you posted them more often.

  10. Oh boy are they precious!
    What sweet, sweet little babies!

  11. They are so gorgeous, and I can't believe how big they are already! Time goes way too fast!

  12. Such wonderful faces, I would treasure every nanosecond!How I would love for my girls to be little again Oh well, I just find joy in their pretty-much-adult accomplishments which is very satisfying n its self.

  13. Oh, wow, Lisa. They are gorgeous babies. Both. so sweet. I just want to scoop them up and hug them.

  14. The are both simply adorable! But that Addy! What a cute smile she has (and love the pink nose!).

  15. They are both simply adorable! Such beautiful eyes, both of them.

  16. The "crooner" photo made me laugh out loud! Thanks for sharing these gorgeous kids!

  17. all wonderful photos. But the 2nd photo should framed, the setting looks like a portrait sitting, and needs to be framed, those huge blue eyes, precious.

  18. I love the microphone photos! I think you have two future American Idols on your hands!

  19. They do look a gorgeous pair, and this time goes by so fast, doesn't it? I love the pic of T with the microphone! That's funny - and you could frame that one!

  20. They surely are beautiful...and growing up fast. Wow.

  21. they are gorgeous, moments you will look back on forever! :)

  22. Your grandchildren are adorable and your photos are marvelous! Thanks so much for sharing ;-)
    Hugs and blessings,

  23. Oh my, those smiles are just too precious!

  24. Addy is so adorable with such gorgeous eyes! and that smiles sure melts my heart.....