Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Saying goodbye to 2009


I'm rather happy to leave this year behind. No, it hasn't been a bad one, I'm just ready for the new one. I'm not one to make New Year's resolutions but I don't mind looking back and seeing what was accomplished. I fell in love with facebook this year. I love instant access to so many friends! I love catching up with people I hadn't talked to since high school. And I love that any time I have a question, from where should I eat in a town I'm visiting to why my dumplings did not dump - I have an answer within minutes.

me 15 to go

I spent the first half of the year dieting and the rest of the year keeping it off. I lost 60 lbs and have been successful at maintaining. Now it's time to finish off those last 25 lbs. I feel better with those stupid 60 lbs gone, I can happily wear a size 6 jeans and am still always shocked at how comfy a medium shirt is.


I got to meet up with more bloggers.  I saw Kaytabug in Missouri (again), Leanne in Iowa, and Jientje in Illinois.  I need to meet more Wisconsin bloggers, lol.  But we're hoping to make it to Florida in February and with any luck I'll meet more bloggers that trip.


I started the Macro Monday meme - thanks to you all for playing along!  I love seeing what you all share each week!

My Survivors Tattoo

I got my first (and only) tattoo, celebrating being a cancer survivor, one butterfly for each year of survival ~ I look forward to adding more butterflies.


I went to Maine, and saw Stephen King's house!  I've been reading him since junior high school - my English teacher always took his books away, lol.


I met my in-laws for the first time.   It was hard for us to communicate since I can't speak Spanish and they don't speak much English, but we had a good time. They're back in Honduras now so I'm not sure when I'll have the chance to see them again.


I rode the entire 30+ mile green circle trail, more than once!  And learned the benefits of wearing ugly padded biking shorts.


Our photography business grew and continues to grow!  So, I photographed many beautiful brides and ate a ton of wedding cake ~ it's amazing I lost any weight!


And I got to play with so many babies!  And teens and couples. . .  I took more photos for business than pleasure this year but I guess that's ok.  I am hoping to find more time this coming year for my nature photo safaris.   I do have fun shooting peoples

Yeah, I think it's safe to say it was a great year! Although, an exhausting one.


  1. A year in review, that's a great idea, and it looks like there are many happy moments to celebrate! Even I am in it! *jumps up and down* ROFL!!

  2. Sounds like 2009 was a wonderful year. Here's to next year being even better. :)

  3. Lisa,
    What a great look back over 2009...and fun to see what that has been to you (in pictures)! Happy New Year!

  4. I went through my year recently and apart from March (which wasn't nice) I have had a pretty good year as well! That said, I can't wait for 2010 to start and see what that brings me!

    Happy 2010 from the 'old' side of the pond!

  5. It was a great year. I am like you though, ready for a new one and the surprises it will bring!

  6. What a beautiful post to end this year! Wishing you a lot of joy and blessings for 2010 :)

  7. You have an amazing way of photographing people, you seem to capture their thoughts at that moment.
    What a gift.

  8. thanks for sharing this....I learned so much about you, Congrats on your weight loss, wow!! like your year in status how did you do that? cool idea! Happy New Year!

  9. Love this post! Especially your first photo. Looking ahead - I want to have a photo like that next year.
    I would love to print that photo and use it for inspiration. May I?

    Have a wonderful New Years Eve Celebration. I wasn't going to do a good bye post to 2009 - but you have encouraged me to look back and see the year as it has been.

    Thanks for being an a motivator in many ways for me.
    I look forward to the new year and all it will bring.

  10. Hey! I'm a Wisconsin in your own backyard and we have yet to meet. When are we going to Emy J's for coffee!? I love all your pictures, especially those cute babies and those macros. I would love to talk macros with you, Lisa. I would love to get a macro lens to take some fun jewelry shots with. I am so excited for you that you were able to keep that weight off. It was a lot of work, but certainly worth the effort. That is something I have never been able to do.
    Wishing you an abundance of inspiration right to your door in 2010. Unlock the possiblities.
    Enjoy the day!

  11. I love your tattoo! It's Beautiful! And 60lbs! YOU GO GIRL!!

    I hope you and the family have a wonderful New Year! xoxo

  12. Happy New Year Lisa. Hey, how about some post and photos of the Lhasa Apsos sometimes. I loved the pics of the grandkids recently. Oh and congrats on the weight loss too! Cathy

  13. loved this post--especially the tattoo. Here's to years of butterflies dancing in circles on your (?)

    Happy New Year

  14. Wow, Lisa you accomplished quite a bit during 2009! Losing 60 lbs - that is so aweome. As is your tattoo. And I must remember to post more on macro monday.

    Wish you happiness, peace and continued good health for the coming year.

  15. Happy New Year, Lisa! Thanks for the reprise. It is a beautiful reminder of how blessed I am and we are to know you.

  16. such hard work to lose weight. Wish I'd done that journey with you. Glad to say I've been on most of the rest of it with you. Happy New Year Friend.

  17. Happy New Year & I look forward to seeing more butterflies around your wrist too!

  18. Wow. How do you lose 60lbs!? I'm struggling to lose 10 lbs. :P

    My wishes for you,
    Great start for Jan,
    Love for Feb,
    Peace for March,
    No worries for April,
    Fun for May,
    Joy for June to Nov,
    Happiness for Dec,
    Have a lucky and wonderful 2010!

  19. WTG you have had a great year and look great. I agree, those bike shorts do help make the ride alittle easier.

  20. So many accomplishments in one year, Lisa! I'm especially impressed with your weight loss, but if you're a size 6 now do you really need to loose another 25? Just sayin'. My personal favorite of course is your Macro Mondays. It has been a blast to participate in that. Thank you and Happy New Year to you!

  21. My 16 year old just discovered Stephen King. I spent many a happy and scared evening with him!

  22. Congratulations on your weight loss ... love your adorable kiddo pix ... would love to visit Stephen King's house myself one day ... I love his books! Your tattoo is wonderful and here's to many more butterflies ;-)
    May the new decade bring you and yours joyful opportunities and experiences!
    Hugs and blessings,

  23. First of all, I love love love that FB status card ... that is a brilliant idea! May have to steal it. Of course, I would have to bother updating my status more than every 5 weeks!

    And I love seeing your year in review -- I've enjoyed being along for the journey and I look forward to seeing where you take us in 2010!

  24. Way to go on the weight loss!

    Last year I participated in three bike rides... each 100 miles! I know all about those ugly padded bike shorts!

  25. Wow!!! You are such an inspiration. You obviously set your mind on something and don't quit until you accomplish it! Oh, and I love Macro Monday - it's a fantastic meme!

  26. Great year in review Lisa and congratulations for maintaining your weight loss.

  27. Happhy New Year. I think losing 60 lbs and keeping it off is one HELL of an achievement. Congratulations on that.

  28. I am glad that all in all you had a great 2009. I'm sure you'll have a great 2010 too. You are definitely an inspiration to anyone who is thinking of losing weight this year. And I thought it is pretty cool to see Stephen King's house; I was once a fan of his books.

    Last but not the least, I will definitely love to see more butterflies. :)

  29. I am very vert prud of you, losing all that weight!!!
    GOOD; GOOD!!!!!!!
    This year it is me that have started, so far I have made tree days, but you have to start somewhere.
    Taken more work photos then private, that is a dream I have, but I have just stated here to.
    How did you do it???

    I feel so happy for you!!!!!
    Thank you for us meeting here.
    Will see you during 2010 also.

    Keep up the good work,
    Maria Berg, Sweden

  30. Congrats on the cancer survivor and the first tattoo. :)

  31. And the best part? You lost that weight where you wanted to without losing it where... you didn't. Looking amazin' Lisa! And I'm thrilled to hear your business is booming. And I love how you did the year-in-review synopsis.

  32. That's one hell of a year, Lisa! Blessings all around.

  33. An English teacher trying to prevent a student from reading!! why, i never!

    I'm glad you had a great year and congratulations on the weight loss. I need to do that too.... if only I could lose 50 lbs I'd be much happier in my body.