Thursday, December 10, 2009

Clearing the driveway


When we moved to Wisconsin, it seemed that Dennis was always gone when it snowed - he worked wacky hours, still does, and it just so happened the timing of his work and the snowfall coincided.  So, I was the one left shoveling the drive-way.  It's funny, back then we still had 5 teenagers (4 boys!) living at home, but it was mama who shoveled the drive.

Then, the first time he was home when it snowed, get this, he ran out and bought a snow-blower!  Wimp! lol  I must say, I love the snow-blower!  Often, I'm still the one clearing the driveway, and I don't mind at all, in fact, I think it's a lot of fun - yeah, I'm weird.


Doesn't the blower make the edge of the snow so nice and pretty?  I love how it leaves the sides so neat.


And look how far it blows!  Amazing and fun!




Haden can't resist helping out with a shovel.  Love him throw too!  Impressive!  I guess you could say he has lots of experience by now, lol.


The only thing bad about using the blower, even without wind, you get a good amount of snow back on you.


And, it's a lot less exercise than using the shovels.  But still, it's fun!



Uhoh, I better get out of the way!


Haden was a little too slow, oops.


But it's all good, see he's smiling.

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  1. I covet your snowblower! My post today is about snow removal as well. We didn't get nearly as much snow, but the snowblower still would have been nice. Ah well, at least my boys help mommy shovel... they still think it's fun!

  2. hooray for snowblowers! What a storm

  3. When you get that much snow, I'd say you needed it! We don't often get that much at one time, so it lift and throw round here! You took some really fun shots!

  4. Fun Lisa??? are weird! No, I'm kidding....I still luv ya! I just hate the cold and the snow. Fortunately, my husband does the driveway with the around here...we couldn't do it without one!! I do love your pictures though!!

  5. Looks like the men are having so much fun clearing the snow! Just looking at your beautiful shot of the thick snow makes me shiver, Lisa.

  6. Looks like a lot of work to me.... But I can tell, they are having fun! :)

  7. That is serious snow, isn't it?
    I love your decorations.

    Nuts in May

  8. Whoa!! Looks like fun, but I'm not sure I'd want to trade!

  9. Elizabeth would be in heaven with all that snow to play in. She's only seen light snow before when we visited my sister in Conn. This would just be sensory overload!!lol

  10. Snow Blowers definitely make the job easier. We haven't had to use ours in like 3 years now, but I think I'm ok with that. ;) The Husband has an uncanny ability to be out of town when we actually do get snow as well.

  11. I have that same snow blower!! Cool. I LOVE my snow blower. I used to shovel all the time - but my wife and my Mother give me such a hassle about heart attacks and all that stuff anymore I just gave up and bought the blower. And it's FUN. And my neighbors appreciate it, too. I mean - as long as I'm out there, right?

  12. WOW...that is a LOT of snow! LOL! That's even more than we have over here.... bbbrrr.... But at least there's smiles--gotta love that! Keep warm there! Happy Weekend to you all :o) ((HUGS))

  13. Yippieeeee........... SNOW SNOW
    In The Netherlands is almost never snow !!
    Last year nothing,
    I hope so we have this year a white Christmas :)
    Nice shots !!!

  14. Looks like you guys had a blast (pun intended)

    (Sorry for the typo - mind deleting that last comment? ;) )

  15. I was feeling a bit chilling here in Southern California until I dropped in here and saw all this SNOW ;-)
    Love all the wonderful photos of Dennis with the snowblower ... and Haden with the red shovel! Stay warm you guys!
    Hugs and blessings,

  16. Hard word no matter how you slice it!

  17. Love that snow - we get a snowfall every now and then here on the West Coast but I miss the deep powdery winter snows of northern Ontario where I grew up. Is there a second snowblower in that first photograph? Twice the fun!

  18. No no no ... not fair that he gets it when it is his turn to clear the driveway! I call foul!

  19. I think the snowblower is cool, like a lawnmower "cutting" the snow evenly. But I think shoveling is a lot more fun... and a good way to use those extra calories you take the evening before :). I like snow when it's sunny. But when it's overcast, or worse, rainy, it can be really annoying, especially when you keep on skidding on the wet road.