Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Getting into nature

September 21st:


When I want to get out in the woods, but don't have a lot of time, I just walk across the street and walk the path there.


There are many raspberries in the summer and we have a freezer full now.


The only competition was the deer, chipmunks and birds.


The dragonflies would land nearby but I don't think they eat the berries.


As I walked into the clearing/playground I couldn't resist the moon's pull.


Then a bluebird drew my attention momentarily.


On the way to take my berries inside I spied a spider and her eggs.



October 8th:

Two weeks later and the leaves have changed. I wanted to show the sky that we get to see so many months of the year. In fact, this sky has more blue in it. Most of our winter is spent with white skies and ground.


This is a view towards the road from the side of our house. The trees leaves are now gone, and the bush is totally red and losing leaves every day.


They sure were beautiful the short time they were here. This is the large tree in our back yard, it's always so bright towering over our home.


And I always love the color of the leaves against the white bark - the background has kind of lines - that was snow pelting me while I snapped.



I just loved this rock wall - from our trip to Washington Island earlier this month.


And we enjoyed walking this road while on the island. Fall was SO short here!

October 27th:
Twister and I walked the path to the park, he has the raspberry bushes on either side of him, as you can see they're done too. You can't see many trees, but trust me, all leaves are gone.


We had a day of sunshine and warmth - I think it was in the 40s, lol - so we took advantage of it.


On our trek back home we discovered this nest, funny that it must have been there, right across the road from my home, all summer and I never knew it was there, until the leaves fell.


After we got home Twister put the eyes, nose, and mouth on this little pumpkin for his mom and dad. He did it all by himself; I did not hold his hand.  I think he did very good!   He's only 2 years old. Such a big boy! Now if he'd only talk to me. :(


  1. Such a pretty fall you're having!

  2. Lovely! I so love a path or road with trees hanging over it! And the raspberries look delicious! We had blackberries growing here and when our neighbours moved in they insisted we pull them out. Apparently they are a noxious weed! Well they are a little annoying as they are prickly but they do bring some lovely fruit for free! I agreed and pulled them out anyway but they keep growing back! LOL! Those norty faeries!

  3. Lisa the fall you're having is beautiful with those vivid colors. Those raspberries look good too. I'm sure taking a walk down that path was peaceful. I wouldn't have minded such a walk myself. Have a great day.

  4. Lovely, wish I had time for a walk right now!

  5. We found a nest just like that on tree that was there all summer too. Scary that we didn't know it was there. Love the walking tour...thanks for taking us!

  6. Such a beautiful change in the colors. Ours trees are all but empty now too, although our chance of snow is still a week or so off, maybe more. Twister is adorable and his pumpkin is really awesome! So talented!

  7. Your fall sounds like our spring. Don't oversleep or you'll miss it. Cool series... and hard to imagine that it only spans a couple of weeks.

    And I don't want to start a great debate here, but those look more like blackberries than raspberries to me. We have 'em everywhere down here during the summer.

  8. Beautiful pictures! The colors of the leaves are so vibrant. I love the pumpkin face he made - great job Twister!

  9. Twister is a cutie!! I'm loving your fall photos!! Happy Halloween!!

  10. Thank you for taking me on your walk, in this post. Lovely images, wonderful life around you. Those berries look so delicious! And the fall colors. wow!

  11. These images are great, and the overall post is just genious! I love it!

  12. oh my, I am breathless after that pretty little walk.

  13. What wonderful shots. The berries look so yummy.

  14. Such beautiful shots Lisa and I can't believe how big Twister is already! As the old saying goes, they grow up way too fast!

  15. My goodness, this is gorgeous like a travel book! I love raspberries. I didn't realize wild ones can be eaten. (I'm very ill informed about such things.) Love the photo of the moon with the silhouette of the tree. Happy Halloween, Lisa! May chocolate be indulged or whatever treat you like!

  16. Looking through past photos is revealing isn't it? The surroundings can change dramatically from month to month!

  17. I'm loving autumn . I haven't see in actual. Those are so gorgeous. Thank you for sharing.

  18. love the autumn colors, especially against the blue sky... it must be great to have this short cut into the woods with raspberries to keep your stomach full :)...

    and the low rock wall is just so romantic :)... and bravo to twister! he really did a great job with the pumpkin :)