Friday, October 9, 2009

Almost. . .but not quite


Remember last year, when I saw this Killdeer, I had hopes of being lucky enough to see some of the little yellow cottonball babies?


As I peered through a fence (restricted area) I saw a few Killdeer and I wondered if I would be luckier this year.


We nearly missed them, they're so small!  No longer cottonballs, but cute nonetheless.  Miniature versions of their parents dodging this way and that.


The fence kept us from getting closer, darn it!  And they would not come nearer.


There's one on the far left and one on the far right.



Maybe next year.

Camera Critters

~ ~ If you wonder why I'm not around, it's because we're up on Washington Island this weekend and there's no internet there - heck there's barely tv there, see you Sunday night.  Oh, don't forget to sign up for the Christmas Ornament Swap a couple of posts down :) ~ ~


  1. Very cool. I remember watching (and photographing) a killdeer a couple years ago at a reststop. She was really interesting to watch as she pretended to have a broken wing and lead me away from her nest.

  2. What pretty little birds! Have a great trip Lisa :-)

  3. Awww the babies are so cute!!!

  4. better luck next year.

    enjoy your vacation, I'm sure we'll get to see some great pictures when you return.

  5. They are such cute babies, litle fluff balls. The adult Killdeer are pretty too, thanks for sharing your critters.

  6. I got some shots like this too! I jumped out of the vehicle to chase Mama and babies and try to get a good shot. hehe I find it adorable and funny how the babies are little furry miniatures of their parents, so much so that shots of them always look blurry to me. They are just too cute!

  7. they are adorable
    and the parents are beautiful

  8. I didn't see any babies this year. There sure are lots of Kildeer hanging around where I like to walk, tho

  9. So cute. They look just like the adults, just little.

  10. They blend in very well with the scenery!

  11. Cute little critters!!! Very little! Enjoy your vacation and look forward to seeing your pics!!

  12. Those are gorgeous, Lisa.
    I don't think I've seen them before.
    Enjoy your time up there!

  13. Stupid Killdeer nest on the ground in the front field of my parents house EVERY SINGLE YEAR. Then they scream bloody murder when anyone, dog, human, or vehicle goes by and act all half-dead. I don't think the dogs even pay any attention to them anymore, and it's downright annoying, I know it's instinct and everything, but jeez.

  14. How cool! But I have to wonder how they got their name. They don't look like they could kill much of anything, much less something the size of a deer.