Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Five Words

I’m really slow getting this meme done. Funny thing is I volunteered to do it, Betty (A Glimpse into Midlife) got me my 5 words right away, yet it took me two weeks to get around to completing! I’m SO bad!

1. Thanksgiving - My dad’s birthday is near, sometimes on, Thanksgiving, so I can’t think about turkey without thinking of him - lol. Often, we will make a trip to Missouri and spend the holiday with my parents and grandparents, but this year we’re staying home. I am hoping to have a houseful of kids.

2. Cleaning - I’ve been running around cleaning and organizing like it’s spring instead of fall. My dogs even benefited from this burst of cleanliness - I’m not so sure they’re happy about it though.

3. Savings - I save everything - well I used to, I guess my natural tendency would be pack rat but my hub’s tendency is minimalism, so not much gets kept.

4. Presents - Birthdays. Christmas, Celebrations. I love giving presents but I’m horrible about making decisions about what to get people. I love to get presents too, but I think the best ones are ones given for no reason, the just because gift.

5. Parents - They live 700+ miles away - my fault, I moved, and I often feel guilty for that - although I love where we live and really do not want to move back to MO, I do miss them and wish we lived closer together so we could help out when they need it, and vice versa. I feel bad that they just have my grandparents near them, and all their grandkids are up here, and great-grandkids - just wish we all had more time together.

5 words

If you’d like to play along, just leave a comment and I’ll send you your own set of five words.


  1. Thanks for doing this. I have another question. Where do you live? I can´t say I´ve read it on your blog yet. It sounds like somewhere up north. I know the feeling of having your kids far away and I´m sure it must be hard for them to have all their grandchildren live somewhere else.
    You sound like my husband, he loves to save everything too, and I´m like your husband and throw everything away. Of course right after I throw something out he NEEDS it! :)

  2. my mom's side of the family used to gather at my great aunt's house for Thanksgiving dinner every year until things sort of shifted. love getting presents. i am more of a pack rat myself. i love saving things.

    if you'll send me five words I'll see what I can come up with. is there any certain structure we must follow? hope all is well.

  3. I save EVERYTHING... Hubs throws everything away! We had to meet in the middle ;-)

  4. Hello Lisa,

    memes and awards can take so much time that I no longer (never say never) do them. Ha
    but I must say it is fun reading yours (and other folks) ha again.
    I like gifts for no reason also. I also moved away from home and miss my family and loved ones. Minimalism is a good thing, me thinks. I am still learning it though! ha again. Ok enough with my 'ha's'

    fun to get to know you a little more.

  5. Oh I would love to have 5 words from you. No rush though ... I'll probably not do it immediately either!!!! : )

    It was fun to hear a little bit more about you. I miss living near my family too!