Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Christmas Ornament Swap

Nov 1st 6pm: Sign up is now closed. :) xmas2

Christmas will be here before you know it! This year I've decided to host an ornament exchange. Just purchase (or make) a new ornament to swap with your partner. You can sign up in the comments if you like, then email me your mailing address. November 1st I'll start matching people up and you'll have an email from me with your swap-partner's information shortly after that.  International is ok with me, ok with you?

Sign up date: October 31st
Mailing date: November 14th

Let's spread a little Christmas Cheer. :)

Oops - email me at lisa (at) lisaschaos (dot) com or lisaschaos (at) yahoo (dot) com


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If there's an * next to your name it means I have all the info I need - if you don't see the * next to your name please email me. ;)

You can swap more than once, just let me know if you want to.  Please let me know if you can't send internationally.


  1. count me in. i'll make one and send it out to my partner. have a great night.

  2. Ooo.Oooo. Sign me up. I love Christmas.

  3. Sign me up - I'm the Christmas sister - she's the Hannukah sister --
    And I live in a town with a Christmas Store open all year round - yikes!

  4. Are us "Internationals" allowed to enter?? If so, count me in! I got one last year from Washington, and would love to make a collection out of it.

  5. Count me in - one can never participate in too many ornament swaps !!

  6. this sounds fun, count me in.

  7. International is good with me. :) I'd love to participate!

  8. Yay, I would love to do this as well. Sign me up! *hugs*

  9. This sounds like fun! Count me in!

  10. Christmas is my favorite time of year!!! Sign me up!

  11. sounds like a fun swap all for it !! sandy

  12. Ooh, I would to be a part of this. I sent you an e-mail.

  13. It sounds great, so I will have a go! (All the way from the Netherlands)

  14. Oh, this sounds like so much fun! I sent you an email. I am in!

  15. Well, since you are soing mine, I am more than happy to do yours! One can never have too many pornaments! Now let's see if I can remember to email you!

  16. soing, doing,..pornaments, know what I mean! I'm totally blaming this odd little keyboard at work.

  17. I just advertised on my own blog, because I think it's a fantastic idea! (I've already signed up myself)

  18. I will get in on this one too... sounds like fun!

  19. I'll do it! I make ornaments every year. Fun times!

  20. This sounds like fun! Even international sounds like fun. It could be fun to see how someone from another part of the world views Christmas! Thanks for hosting!

  21. Sounds like a good plan - sign me up!!!

  22. This sounds like fun and I'd love to sign up too.

  23. HI, glad I found you! I was looking to do an ornament swap this year but hadn't found one that allowed internationals and didn't involve X-stitch! I will send a sign up email too.

    You have a lovely looking blog here too, beautiful images and nice layout.

  24. Ooooh that sounds like fun? I'd like to participate!
    Remind me,okay?

  25. Ooops, I don't know, I'm still in the States on Nov 14th. Do you mean we have to mail it then?

  26. please add me to your list. would be happy to be included.

  27. I would like to sign up. This will be fun!

  28. Nevre been in to a swap before so if anyone is interesting in one from Sweden I'm in :-)

  29. sheww got in just in time ~ I would love to participate in the swap! sounds like fun

  30. I'd love to participate. It doesn't have to be handmade, does it?

    I'm a Chanukah *AND* Christmas mama, so I'd be happy with whatever I get! :)

  31. Can't wait, I've been searching already!

  32. Count me in, I will be making home made ornaments to send out and would like to participate in up to 5 exchanges. Thanks so much for hosting this!!

  33. [...] a clever reuse of packaging! It was from my ornament exchange partner. I sat there in awe of how she fit the ornaments through the tiny opening at the top. [...]

  34. i want to join for this year pls let me know when it starts thank you!!

  35. I just saw this at Screaming Mimis, I wish I would have seen it sooner as I would loved to have joined in on the fun.