Thursday, August 20, 2009

Rocking with Rocky!


We made it to Philadelphia on our route home and wanted to eat some place fancy and absolutely Philly - we enjoyed a walk around the neighborhood and I thought this billboard was funny - couldn’t resist. Btw, these night shots were taken with the little point and shoot - it did not do as good as I had hoped but. . .


Bravo for facebook keeping me in contact with my peeps (is that outdated?) Alisha quickly offered up a perfect suggestion! Pat‘s King of Steaks makes the best Philadelphia Steak Sandwiches - not that I’m really an expert as I have never had one before - nor since. But I did gobble up the sammich right away!

Now Haden loves Philly-cheese-sandwiches and he ate TWO!


A nice little bonus - I had forgotten all about the scene with Rocky (Sylvester Stallone) eating here!


When Alisha requested I take a photo of the sign on How to Order I had no clue why. But I quickly learned when I got there. If you do it wrong you HAVE to get to the back of the line! And the place is VERY busy - so you don’t want to mess up! 'Wit-out Plain Please'


The next morning we got up early and walked all over downtown Philly! We spent about 5 hours touring many places and seeing SO many sights that it will take many posts to share them all - but we’re nearing the end of the journey.


HAD to see the Rocky statue while we were there! It’s a requirement!


Makes you want to watch the movie again - doesn’t it?


Near the statue you will find the stairs - and the museum and a GREAT view of downtown!


It rained a little that morning, which really made it easier to see the letters.


I enlisted Haden’s help to show that the footprints are life-sized - and Sy has small feet!


However, I wish Dennis had snapped a photo of my contortionist position while I was snapping. This is how it looked in the camera.


  1. When I was in Philly several years ago I made it my business to walk to Pats and get me a taste. Wonderful city, Philly!

  2. Okay! The steak ordering reminded me why I prefer vegies! Far less complicated! What ever happened to RARE/Medium and old shoe varieties? What the hell is pizza steak????? (Please tell me that is not another Americanized version of English! My children saying 'trot" instead of "trod" because of American TV shows really irked me enough! And that is only the one that comes to mind! Im sure you do not all talk that way but TV sure is bad! (took me a while to convince them that ghetto talk was NOT English! Yes! Little Aussie children grow up with Sesame street and move on to New York crap! As if we don't have enough of that ourselves! LOL Our kids grow up with Aussie slang and American slang too!)

    Anyway! That first picture just reminded me I need a shower! Its so eerily quiet around here! The girls all vacated the premises as the boys are having a sleepover! The boys are hiding from mama as they know if they get too noisy she will send them to bed! All is well and quiet for once in Karisma's world! hehe! Well except for the washing machine! She is having a workout with the dryer! Man you think they would keep the noise down! REALLY!!!!!!

  3. I knew that Sly was not that tall, hence the small feet. Haven't been to Philly in ages, you really got around!

  4. What cool shots, loved them all. He DOES have small feet.

  5. I'm getting vertigo just looking at the last shot.

  6. they made a statue for a movie? I didn't even like it.

    I do like philly steak sandwiches though

  7. I feel as though I was in Philly through your photos, thanks for the great tour!

  8. Gonna have to remember that place next time I'm in Philly. "Wit Provolone" (though the pizza steak sounds intriguing).

    I wish Dennis had gotten that shot too. That's one I'd love to see!

  9. I like the "How to order steak" sign. Hopefully most people got it right and didn't have to go back to the end of the line.

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  10. I wanna go to Philly! One of my best friends is from there and talks about it all the time. The Eagles have always been one of my favorite pro football teams - until this year with the whole Michael Vick thing - I just can't support them any more. Great shots Lisa! Have a great weekend!

  11. I love that billboard it's positively creative. I too like Philly Steak sandwiches but the only one I've ever eaten came from Penn Station. I can't believe how much that statue looks like a young Sylvester Stallone. Loved the Rocky movies. Hope all is well.

  12. Hey...this is my neck of the woods. We live right over the bridge in NJ. Glad you went to the right steak place ... our softball team did a taste test a while back and we all thought Pat's was the best. And isn't it funny how you have to order? And great shot of Philly ... I don't totally appreciate it being so familiar with it. Nice to see it through your eyes.

  13. no... don't want to watch the rockies again. once was enough for me. sigh.

  14. I am so glad you liked the place! We loved it and waited in line FOREVER. I loved the sign (thanks for the pic) and while I was in line I kept chanting what I wanted over and over to myself so that I was ready. Still, I got to the window and my BIL had to order for me. lol!

  15. Love that sign. My mouth is watering for one wit onions and provolone!