Monday, August 24, 2009

Benjamin & Betsy in Philly


We started our tour of Philly right here, on Market Street - and as you can see from the shadows it was very early morning.


Just an old sign I thought was cool.


There were many murals on our walk - this one doesn’t seem quite finished.


Love how some of the alleys are still cobblestone.


The four hands - I know there’s a name for this but I cannot think of it.


The Betsy Ross House was not yet opened for the day so we just enjoyed it from outside.


A puddle from the earlier rain made place for a nice reflection.


The cemetery where Benjamin Franklin is, was also still closed.


And from the look of the fence I think they’re serious.


I was able to shoot between the bars.


  1. Thanks Lisa, I enjoyed this walk with you! I love shooting pictuyres in puddles, they can make very interesting pictures!

  2. What a historic place and fantastic photos!! LOVE the reflection shot!

  3. The few times I've been to Philly and I've never seen any of this. I love the alley pic, way cool! And that fence means business but also really neat! Thanks for the stroll. :)

  4. It's good to get out early, before the sidewalks are crowded and potential shots are blocked by foot traffic.

    I love these urban photos--they're dynamic! My two favorites are the parking lot with all the shadows on the building, and the reflection in the puddle. ;)

  5. Thanks for your lovely shots,
    there are very much historic buildings,
    you captured it FANTASTIC :)

  6. Thanks for the tour and for bringing back some nice memories. I saw that mural, too. I thought, "I'll be back when it's done." I am glad you got the shot. I love that puddle, too. Makes me think of the way that city is so full of history and beauty, pride and love, and it holds so much that I felt fat and happy just glimpsing some of it.

    You amaze me with that camera of yours!

  7. These walks you take us on are great. I loved that mural and reflective photo you took. Those are my favorites. I wish you could have gone inside of Betsy Ross' home and the resting place of Benjamin but overall it appears you guys had a great day. Hope all is well.

  8. I think Sandy Carlson essayed those same murals when she stopped in Philly recently. (She's got a real thing for graffiti and such.) I haven't been there in eons, I really should remedy that. Thanks for the tour!

  9. Excellent week in photos Lisa! I wish I could find a way to keep up better during the week when I'm working but so far weekend catch up is the only way I can do it - and I'm still so far behind! Enjoy the rest of the weekend! See you next weekend! :-)