Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Karner Blue where are you?


Wildflowers are sprinkled in the woods and fields to bring joy to our lives. The sweet Columbine!


Lupine is a true treasure to seek. The rare Blue Karner Butterfly feasts from its pockets, I have yet to see one.


The Karner blue butterfly is a federally endangered species living in a narrow band from eastern Minnesota to New Hampshire. Wisconsin is home to the largest and most widespread populations. As a larvae (caterpillar), they feed on only one plant wild lupine (Lupinus perennis). Lupine grows in dry sandy soils with full to partial sun. As a butterfly, the Karner blue feeds on just about any wildflower available. The more flowers the better the habitat is.


But for today, we’ll have to settle for a different winged creature.


And a spider.


  1. Hi Lisa, the shot of the columbines and the lupines together is really nice.

  2. The columbines remind me of my mom. She's always had them growing.

  3. your macro shots always blow me away. so terrific. i have been away, missed reading your blog. hope everything is okay!

  4. Beautiful! The Lupine looks similar to our state flower - The Bluebonnet.

  5. Love love lupines! And if anyone can get a shot of that karner blue, I would bet it would be you :-)

  6. Love the close up´s of the lupines! Such exquisite flower!

  7. Love the wildflowers! I hope you get to see one of those butterfly's someday!

  8. I think your winged dude and spider picked their outfits together. They kinda match! Those flowers are wonderful. Thanks for the armful of lupine!

  9. Lovely shots.
    Too bad you didn't find the butterfly.
    But those flowers are totally gorgeous!

  10. Beautiful flowers, I love blue flowers, did you know that?

  11. I LOVE Columbine. I had been given one as a gift, and brought it with me to Missouri, but it didn't make it :-(
    Wildflowers are my favorite flowers :-) Back by our pond looks so beautiful right now because there are so many wildflowers growing. I just love it.

  12. Those flowers are beautiful. I wish you could have seen that butterfly though. It would have added that perfect touch. But, your other little creatures aren't bad in the spotlight either. Hope all is well.