Monday, August 31, 2009

Have you heard of Zipcars?


While I was busy snapping photos of various murals on our walk in downtown Philly, I totally missed something I wouldn't have minded seeing closer. As I began editing the photos I got curious about the white car, the empty slot and the green signs - what is going on there?


I had to crop in to check it out - Zipcars - hmmm, makes me think of strollers in malls where you deposit some money and borrow the stroller. Or that old episode of either Twilight Zone or Ray Bradbury where all cars were the same and white and when you needed to drive you just got in any car, after work you got in any car, etc.  It appears a Zipcar works along the lines of a rented stroller.

Of course, I had to google it, I'm a pretty good guesser, that is how they work!  How cool is that!  Much better than Green Bay's bicycle borrowing thing.  And I just looked and found 6 zipcars in Milwaukee - looks like they're available for $7 an hour or $60 for the day - and gas and insurance are included!  I find it touching that each car is named. . .hmm, wonder what the white car's name is.


  1. This is just THE coolest thing!!! It seems as if they are just starting up...but, for people like us...who travel and do NOT tow a car...these might just be the ticket!! Enterprise has our business for now, but this is definitely something I'd look into doing...thanks for the tip, Lisa!!! How on earth do you ever find out this interesting stuff????

  2. What a great idea! Wow...I wonder (see how pessimistic I am...) how long it will take the thieves to figure out a loophole in this and steal tons of them. Then it will ruin a good thing for everyone!

  3. Hey... I checked out the link and discovered that they're operating in Chapel Hill. Which is hardly a surprise since the university is bigger than the actual town. What a cool idea.

    Though I have to say when I read the title my first thought was of those old toy cars with the toothed plastic strips you pulled through the body to get them spinning then set them down and watch 'em go.

    Come to think of it, I guess in a metaphorical way that's not so different.

  4. Seriously the coolest thing ever! I've never heard of this before. And what a guess!

  5. Wow! I've only seen that in science fiction.

  6. Very, very cool. Thanks for doing the leg work on that one. This is a great thing. Enterprise, take note!

  7. That's incredible!! How wonderful! I love that you can rent them by the hour, too - so different from standard car rentals - and that you can use them within cities from car park to car park!

    I just told OH and he says he thinks there's a pilot scheme over here in England somewhere. Maybe not Zipcars, but something along the same lines.

    LOVED the video! Hahaha!