Thursday, August 13, 2009

Finding Mojo


I have occasion to spend time on the golf course. I'm not saying I have game, cuz I certainly do not.


However, I love shooting the golfers!


And what does it say, when my husband knows so much about my readers (and bloggers I read) that when he finds a golf ball with someone important on it, he brings it right home to me?

So ok, those photos were taken on the course back in June, and the ones below I took yesterday, after carrying the ball around (since May) in my purse!


Yeah, our yard is no green, but hey Mojo - we found your ball! {I soooo could have named this post something else!}


Would you like to have it back? ;0)

Mojo is a fantastic guy!  Always full of fun photos of just about anything you can think of - medical equipment, seashells, sunshine, buildings, you get the idea - he's a heck of guy, if you don't read him, why not?  Get over there, GO!


  1. You didn't see the other one did ya? That's a regular howl! Who knew? I've never heard of these, but then... I don't golf.

    You may not have "game", but that's a serious piece of glass you're packing there. And some serious shots too!

    And thanks for the props babe... you're the best.
    (I'll send your check out in the morning ;))

  2. Fun post and photos, Lisa. I like Mojo, too.

  3. Delightful post. But, what stood out for me is that serious lens on your camera. No wonder all your photos are great. Keep up the good work and that sense of humor. Have a great night.

  4. that is an awesome camera, great story

  5. I love the picture with all the kicked up dust! Awesome shots!

  6. I loved this post, it's such a creative way to put spotlights on another blogger! And the pictures are great, as usual! Love the dusty one!

  7. Aha! Good find. Love the golfing shots. Can you believe I am a grown woman and have never once in my life set foot on a golf course?

  8. Mojo is definitely a fantastic guy--and you could have named this post something else for sure. What fun. I love the game you've got with that camera.

  9. I love how you got the shots with the golf ball in them! Such a sense of action!

  10. I'll just have to go over and check out MoJo now :-)

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