Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Enjoying the Journey


We shot a wedding while we were in Missouri. It was a small, outdoor wedding and it rained like crazy right before, but we got lucky and the clouds cleared away just in time. Then in typical Missouri fashion it was hot and muggy. Above you see the father of the bride and the bride’s daughter.


After shooting Sara and Michael’s wedding (you can see more photos here) we enjoyed the drive back to my parents’. It was a good two hour drive but very scenic.


We found these miniature-people-house birdhouses in a Monett park. Trivia - My son Gage was born in Monett with the help of a midwife but when he was little he liked to tell people he was born in “the airplane park”, this is the same park.


If I were a bird I would want to live in this one. Although all of them have great details.


Stay away from these guys, they hurt bunches! I remember, as a child I scooped a wasp out of my swimming pool not knowing they could even sting when they’re dead. Ow!


We saw a lot of daisies but we also saw a bunch of these tiny versions. The blooms are about the size of a dime, maybe smaller.


We didn’t do much hiking because, well see that path towards the right side of the photo? Uh, yeah, I actually found a weed taller than me! These daisy mixes were about hip high.


But we did take some time to smell some flowers.


We kept seeing purple flowers along the ditches and at first we thought they were water irises but once we got close we saw they were Spiderwort. I just love the whimsy ways of that plant.


One place we stopped I kept hearing splashing in the water and finally got the courage to look. Apparently, even the cows thought it was a hot day.


  1. Oh wow!!! Those birdhouses are so cool! I have always loved intricate, cute little birdhouses like those.

  2. Great wedding shots! You've got an eye, that's for sure! And love the clever.

  3. The wedding pictures are lovely. What interesting little birdhouses, they are so cute.

  4. Beautiful - all images. Of course the Bird houses are
    top notch Real Estate! Wonder how they manage to pay the mortgage. ;)
    Beautiful wildflowers, you saw - now's the time!!!
    Cheers, Klaus

  5. Hmm.... I'm hoping my e-mail is getting through to you. Trying comments, too. Sent 3 yesterday, 1 today in case you want to check your filter folders.

  6. Loved those bird houses, they are so cute!

  7. As always, your photos are delightful. Love the cow one.

    (And the real question is- was the cake good?)

  8. Smiling smiling smiling.....

  9. Aww... great photos. What a beautiful wedding cake. Love the birdhouses, and the daisies, too.

    I can't believe you were only a few miles from me yesterday! Glad you made it home safely!

  10. I can see why you re professional, your eye and the camera are a amarriage of talents.
    You inspire me to look at things closer and stop for a view....beautiful entry.

  11. Gorgeous Lisa, I have never seen birdcages like those, makes me want to be a little bird and live in one of those!

  12. Funny about the cow. We saw a herd of cows in the WI River one time and my godson laughed so hard he almost fell out of the canoe.
    The more you describe weather in MO, the more I think it prepared you for weather here. Are you getting what we are up there? Is this Wisconsin or Morocco?

  13. Beautiful pictures. Enjoy your journey.

  14. I love that fly and those flower shots. Such beautiful detail and coloring. And the wedding. OH MY. Stunning!

  15. Love the cake picture! And the rest of course! I also really loved the one on the other site of the sad little boy.

    I was once stung by a very small wasp on my foot. I have never known such agony! I swear it worse worse than child birth (At least contractions let you breath in between!) It turns out I was allergic! Needless to say I try to keep out of there way these days. We have some rather huge ones around here.

  16. Wow, you really take wonderful pictures!

  17. I've been asked to shoot a wedding in September. I'm chicken :) But I said yes, with no risk for me :)
    Lovely portrait shot!
    And I love those birdhouses, what an idea :)

  18. I think those miniature daisies are daisy fleabane. The fields are filled with it around here.

    The photo of the little girl and her grandpa is too precious. Na was the flower girl for my brother's wedding a few years ago, and she wore a similar dress with the same color sash. Sniff sniff. She can't wear it any more:o(