Wednesday, July 16, 2008

'Tornado Warning' - Reactions

How did I raise 4 children so different from each other? Maybe they are samples of all my multiple personalities?


Below you will find each of my kids’ normal, every day, reactions to being told that a tornado is on the way. I only had my A-HA moment today (yeah, I’m slow that way) when a tornado did touch down in Wisconsin Rapids, a nearby town. And first I must tell you that I have two fabulous sons, who always call to check on mom during bad weather.

I was raised in tornado alley and am very familiar with them. I have what I would call, a normal fear of them. If told there is a warning I will stay home and keep my ears and eyes open. I do not run to the basement but will be prepared to if the need arises. My hubby is the same way. . . well except that time we chased a hurricane in Texas.


Time 1 pm - Me: There’s a tornado warning and a tornado was spotted on the ground in Wisconsin Rapids so keep your eyes open.

  • Britney: Well it doesn’t seem that bad out. It’s just raining a little, no wind. . .Ok, I’m going to the store, talk to ya later.

  • Mikal: Yeah I know, Amy and I have been watching the weather channel since midnight and have taken all of our bedding into the bathroom (with the tv and cat), we’ve been in here since 8 am. We think we’re going to just sleep in here tonight. Do you think it would be safe to open the door and walk the 5 feet to the kitchen to quickly grab some food? Of course, we’ll eat it in the bathroom. I’ll call you every hour to make sure you’re ok.

  • Gage (who lives in a second floor apartment): Oh ok. Well, I think we’ll just go over to my girlfriend’s mom’s house, she has a basement. Call me when it’s over so I’ll know you’re ok.

  • Haden: I’m going outside to see if I can see it. Can we go to Rapids?

Truths may have been exaggerated just a tad, but isn’t it amazing the differences in four children raised by the same mother?

BTW, we’re all fine.

Double BTW (can I do that?, well I guess I can, it’s my blog), the pictures have absolutely nothing to do with this post.


  1. My parents had seven children, and my mom always said that we were seven individuals. The only unsolicited advice I ever heard her her give another parent was about not expecting all your kids to be the same. And I'd say you have four very individual individuals theres!

  2. I think this is often the case and while I never put it in the terms you did, I think you're right: different aspects of the parent. Glad everyone fared OK.

  3. The 1st image is a gem! And for the kids - wouldn't it
    be boring if they all turned out the same? ;)
    Cheers, Klaus

  4. LOL glad everyone is okay. My reaction would be Britney's! We did walk round in the pouring rain when DC had a Tornado warning because we totally missed the fact!

  5. We're pretty boring, here. No tornados, just heat. I'm so glad everyone nad every thing is OK. My daughters are a lot like me. Not exact replicas, but very close in looks and actions.

  6. Lovely, indeed, lisa! BTW, what are your photogears?

  7. I think I prefer earthquakes over tornados!! glad you are OK and the photos are beautiful, as always!!

  8. Funny how that happens and then there are the times they all say the same smart alec remark about something. It is a crazy world I tell ya.