Saturday, July 19, 2008

watch me grow

anxious for spring

You may remember back in March I planted a whole slew of seeds, tomatoes, wildflowers, and various flowers (along with some cactus that have been demolished by dogs and baby). I have watered, tended and talked to my little green babies for months and now I am beginning to reap some benefits.


First I discovered the tomatoes plants were beginning to bloom. Yay, we might have tomatoes after all.


Since I planted some wildflower mixes I don’t know what all of the flowers are but I’m liking them so far. I think I have actually seen some of these in the wild. Let’s look a little closer.




I just love the fuzzies on the tomato plants.


Moss Rose is a favorite of mine and I really think it’s because my mom always had a huge pan full of them. So far I only have yellow ones, but yellow is my mom’s favorite color.


They are so delicate and frilly. The blooms are not much bigger than a quarter. So it’s really neat to see inside them like this.


Dunno what it is. But it’s pretty, no?



This is the moss rose again, but I really like it because you can see the sheen in the petals.


For quite a while before this bloom opened I feared the buds had died on the stalk. They looked kinda brown and dried up, then the next day one popped open, one more the next day, and another the next.




Our first tiny little tomato! We now have 10-15. Won’t be long now.



  1. Oh my, what beautiful pictures! I love flower pictures, but I especially love the moss rose because I love those plants, but I would have never guessed that's what those pictures were. I guess I have never seen them so close.

  2. Oh Lisa! LOVE the pictures you got the eye girl!!! That blue one is very pretty, but I don't know what it is either?

  3. Very nice! I just love it when the first flowers bloom, especially when you plant them yourself. Well done! And wait and see, they will be the best tomatoes you've ever tasted!

  4. I lo0ve to grow stuff myself!
    We have been here a tad late, but I tried. My tomatoes are as big now as yours in the first photo.
    But hey, in 2006 we had roses in December, so I might have a chance here ;)
    Love the flowers too - beautiful!!

  5. Judy had an entire table full of egg crates with seedlings that she nursed and nursed until at last she planted. Now a month after that, many have died but a good number survived...yet they remain just stalks of green. I'm wondering if I'll ever see a bloom from them! By the way, what's your secret to taking flower shots. I never quite get the clarity you do.

  6. Those are lovely! I especially love the wildflowers.

  7. Gorgeous Shots - I love Wildflowers, much more so than any store bought plant.
    And yours are plain beautiful and excellently taken! Bravo!
    Cheers, Klaus

  8. Flowers! Great pictures. Keep up the good work.

  9. Hi Lisa!
    Beautiful flowers! I love the tomatoes too! In fact I just started gardening myself, 1st veggies I've ever grown! Of course I have a new garden journal to go with it. Come see!

  10. Great photos...I love fresh tomatoes:P

  11. How fun to see the flowers growing from such humble beginnings. Your photos make me feel as if I’m right there in your garden amidst the glorious colors and scents.
    Hugs and blessings,

  12. These sure are beautiful, Lisa. Wow. I'm impressed.
    By the way, I keep trying to add your new address to my blog list on Blogger, but it won't take it for some reason; instead, it goes back to your old blog. I'll keep trying.

  13. Great photos. Love 'em. If I had to pick a fave, it would be the blue mystery flower.

  14. Excellent shots. All of them! Wonderful.

  15. OOHh those flower pics!!
    i mean it National Geographic!!!

  16. The pale almost white flower with the lavendar wisps in the center and the periwinkle flower are both bachelor's buttons. The little yellow flower with the reddish brown around the center is plains coreopsis. There is a variety (or several) of coreopsis that is just yellow without that reddish brown center, but it isn't nearly so pretty. Beautiful photos here and above (bugs). I like your current dream career, though that wife and mother gig is pretty sweet:o)

  17. Oh good, I have hope. My tomatoes finally started to bloom also. We finally got some good rain today, so hopefully that will spur on a growing frenzy in my gardens. Great photos. I love the close-ups.

  18. I love love love love love fresh garden tomatoes! There is nothing like a fresh one! =) I don't know what it is? They are YUMMY!

    I love the white and purple flower! That is so pretty!!!!!!!!!!!
    I also like the colors of the yellow, purple and pink ones!