Sunday, July 6, 2008

Something smells fishy

fun monday


U R Olive has asked us to share a fishing story with her. I think she‘s looking for her next big adventure, but let‘s help her out anyway, why don‘t we? After my story I bet she will be packing her bags and coming for a visit.

Lumberjack stage

In a beautiful northwoods setting, the kind only Wisconsin can provide, we set off in a paddle boat seeking relaxation, a little fishing, and as luck would have it a few photos.

Brodi and the frog

After chasing a few frogs the dogs were ready to board ship. (The frog is a little to the right and above Brodi’s head)

my sentinel

Fibi loved the boat and didn’t want to get off.

Quick catch

Haden caught fish. . .

nice catch

. . .after fish. . .


. . .after fish, and we knew we had come to appropriate place to satisfy his needs.


Brodi asked to take this one home as his pet.

Largest Fish

World’s Largest Muskie

With Hayward being the Muskie Capitol of the World, we knew we would have great success fishing. And after much patience and attempts we were rewarded for our efforts.

Big Catch!

Best catch of the day! Uh, yeah, we are a bunch of loons.

Common Loon

Giving up on a huge fish dinner, we settled for some awesome barbeque. . .we went to dinner at the Original Famous Dave’s.

Sidenote: All photos were taken last summer before I had my digitalSLR, they were taken with the Sony DSC-H5 (point and shoot).  And I'm sure the fish has grown since then.


  1. Great post, Lisa! Love the title too! My fish in my story is about as big as yours! Mine will be up at midnight, EST! See you then.

  2. Well at least you managed to catch some REAL fish. Unlike me!

  3. I LOVE that huge ass muskie. Makes me laugh every time.

  4. Is one of those photos of a perch? I spent eleven years in Racine County but never made it to Hayward. Maybe some year we can get there before the snow flies. hahaha

  5. What a great story! Those fish are beautiful.

  6. Dogs and water = bliss. Always. Looks like you had a fun day...and love that fish close up!

  7. LOL!!! Great story, Lisa. But when Haden retells the same story, I wonder if the fish get bigger?

  8. Fabulous photos Lisa!! Also enjoyed Fibi and Brodi too.

    Loved your Fun Monday fish tale.

  9. The photos with this story look really great. You may not have caught enough for supper but it looks like a fun day!

  10. Even when you don't catch anything, fishing is so relaxing... and dogs seem to love it!

  11. I really must master my new camera before September vacation. Your photos are always so original and unexpected--love the sense of humor in your captions.

    Photography question: if you were a rank amateur, would you take the old 35mm or new Canon digital on a whirlwind tour of Europe?

  12. Ooooh these photos look so familiar! Hayward is not too far from our cabin. I'm sure you all had a blast!

  13. I thoroughly enjoyed your illustrated account … and seeing the dogs in the boats reminded me that we used to take our two little dogs (Ralph & Charly) with us when we fished too (making that John boat even smaller). I love the tortoise photo … it looks a great deal like ‘Plato’ … a tortoise who lived with us for about 18 years.
    Hugs and blessings,

  14. Good looking photos, I didn't know Sony had a camera, let alone such a good one. Great dog and fish shot. Your first photo makes me want to pack my bags and head up north. Except I know the mosquitoes would eat me alive.
    Don't know if I asked you this before, but since you have the giant fish photo (I make a reference to it in my blogroll),
    A. Have you been to Tremblay's
    B. Have you seen Bloodhook?

  15. Great Pics, as always. I was expecting a story of the 72 inch muskie.
    Funny Story at first I didn't realize that you were doing "second to find" and thought maybe you ment STFU just leaving the up off. Knowing you would never actually use the F word just as a phrase sort of like "You got to be kidding".

  16. Y'know, it doesn't matter what camera you used, your artistic eye still shines through - great images :-)

  17. Great job of making fishing seem fun (I'm not buying it though!)

  18. anglophilefootballfanatic.comJuly 7, 2008 at 7:55 AM

    I knew you would have pictures of the fish. Fish freak me out a little. Maybe that's why I can't eat them?

  19. Great story and photos, as usual. Like your new profile photo, too. We've got that bee thing goin' on.

  20. Looks like it was a brilliant day. And your dogs are adorable. :D

  21. You changed your comment section....much easier to comment now...thanks!!

    Great fishing story with superb pictures, as usual!!

  22. So did you let him take one home? :) Thanks for the words of encouragement about those hideous slippers.

  23. Those fish are beautiful! :)

  24. That does look very relaxing and tempting! Thanks girl for the kind words.
    I'm not sure how long it will be before I'm able to be back on the net.
    Momma's mood is better since we got the legal stuff behind us, but her breathing is worse.
    At least she is not as demanding. Hopefully her breathing will get better and I can get back to some kind of normal.
    Hope to see ya soon.
    Take care!

  25. My husband commented on the beauty of the first picture as he walked through the room. I wish that we could pack our bags for Wisconsin RIGHT NOW.

  26. Great Story and pics!! it has been years since I have been fishing!!

  27. oohh ps iam sure your new site will be just as great!! but a warning to anyone don't scroll past this aaaa sSsSsSnake there!!!

  28. Looks like it was indeed a great trip. :) Fishing is a love it or hate it kind of sport. My husband and kids all jump for joy to go fishing, me I'd rather read a good book. ;)

  29. Finally found my way over and want to thank you for snake alert further down...duly noted and my eyes aren't travelling further.

  30. Such pretty fish/lake pictures!!!! Love, Love, Love it!!!! =)

  31. A wonderful fish tale and it the place looks breathtaking. We don't fish. Sirdar has never liked it. I went ice fishing as a kid and my kids have also gone with my dad. That is the extent of our experience with fishing.