Friday, July 18, 2008

Angel on My Shoulder


We are helping out with most of the Angel on My Shoulder events this year, taking photos. Most of the events I label private and I feel I can’t share with you. These are cancer retreats, retreats for the caregivers of cancer patients and kid/teen camps for children with a loved one who has/had cancer. But this was one weekend full of fun that I feel pretty safe sharing. Lolly (the happy lady pictured above) is the founder of the organization and one energetic lady!


Do you know which Green Bay Packer that is? One of the things that impresses me most about this organization is that they are completely run by volunteers. No one draws a salary so all the funds raised goes right back into helping people.


These photos were taken at the Party with the Pack dinner and above you see Gilbert Brown posing with some fans. He was really nice, only giving me crap a time or two.


Leroy Butler happily signed autographs. And I managed to get both of their signatures before we left.


The next morning a few lucky people got to have breakfast with Leroy and Gilbert. They weren’t much in a mood for photos that early in the morning, until I told them that this couple (Wolf Pack owners) would be feeding them. Then they ran to the sign to pose for a moment. Btw, the Wolf Pack CafĂ© has awesome food if you’re ever in St Germaine.



This young man, Austin DeGroot, has an incredible voice(!) and leukemia.


After breakfast we were off to the golf course. They had about 200 players sign up for the Golf Spectacular, which is their biggest fundraiser each year.


Everyone took it in stride while we stalked them all for photos. We even earned the nickname of Paparazzi, in a loving way.



Aren’t long lenses great?!


Oops, that’s not a golfer.




It was an exhausting couple of days, but loads of fun too! I know this post is a little long but when you know that we took over 1500 photos, you know I weeded a bit.


The evening ended with a dinner and auction.


These are annual events and if you’re interested in being a part of next year’s just go to the Angel on My Shoulder website. (PS ~ there’s a wine tasting event coming up in September. We’ll be there snapping photos *hint hint*)


  1. Great! And it looks as if the event was a huge success! Good shots too!
    And you didn't forget the animals - as Mr. Turtle is proof of.
    Cheers, Klaus

  2. You got some REALLY nice shots (as always). Thanks for sharing these with us! :)

  3. I'm always so amazed and impressed with people who start up organizations like this...especially when they end up being so successful. You documented the event well. Not counting the first photo...which is the best for all its loveliness...I especially liked the shot of the football and golf ball next to each other.

  4. I know this event is dear to your heart and your pictures were more than worthy! Beautiful shots indeed!

  5. Awesome pictures Lisa!

    And it sounds like that is one worthy cause....most definitely. It's great when you see pro athletes doing something for the community or a cause.

  6. Wonderful photos, as always! Thanks for sharing them.

  7. Oh, Lisa, these are wonderful! I love your not a golfer, the golf shoes, the football players all big but gentle. The whole thing. Cancer, vile as it is, brings out some incredible beauty. Thanks for these.

  8. You did a tremendous job photographing this event Lisa...and I know it is special to you. What a wonderful way for all of these volunteers to come together. And I loved the turtle shot!

  9. Wow that did look like an action packed couple of days! Great photos!

  10. Thanks for sharing this amazing event with us today with such wonderful photos and introductions.
    Hugs and blessings,

  11. truly wonderful!!! I love that they are all volunteers!!! And evan a cute turtle!!
    DID i mention You should turn in a resume to National Geographic?

  12. Super photos. Looks like a great weekend and a wonderful fund raising event.