Saturday, June 14, 2008

Happy Father's Day, Dad!

Happy Father’s Day to all Dads out there!


At 15 months, Tristan seems to think just about everything is a phone. I think maybe he was trying to call his great-grandpa when he picked up this tape measure.

Unfortunately, I’m a little slow in mailing my dad’s gift. Actually, I had one thought in mind and it grew, if you know what I mean. So it’s not quite done, but I’ll get it out in the next few days and in the mean time I thought I would share a few of the photos he will get to enjoy once he gets it.


I think this image and the following ones will really touch my dad’s heart. We are training up the little booger to help his Grandpa pick up sticks. My parents have several acres and I swear that every time I call they are out, or have been out, picking up sticks.


See the snow in the background there? Tristan was helping us pick up sticks in April, when we was only 13 months old. Such a big little man!


He’s concentrating so hard!


But he looks happy, doesn’t he? At the moment I took these I knew I would be using them for my dad’s Father’s Day. Perfect!


Maybe he’ll be happy to know we’re keeping him in practice.


He even walks the dog willingly.


And takes him down to check on the stick pile.


And even though we moved away from Missouri, we’re still raising him to be a barefooted hillbilly of the Ozarks. Grandpa will be proud for sure.


This last one is special just for Dennis. Tristan and PaPaw always “snort” at each other and I caught his snort face. It’s their little bonding thing, and I don’t interfere.

Happy Father’s Day Dad and Dennis!


  1. These are great, Lisa. Picking up sticks is a popular form of employment for little ones, I guess. My daughter and nephews do it for my dad. He was a trade unionist with (something of a) conscience. He pays them (a pittance) and it keeps them going!

    Your gift will be beautiful.

    Let's hear it for barefooted hillbillies everywhere!

  2. Those photos are beautiful, he is such a cutie. What a great present.

  3. Wonderful photos as usual. He is such a cutie. We went to the hospital after doing some work around here. It was a pretty good father's day. We went out for supper and that was yummy.