Sunday, June 22, 2008

Fun Monday clothes

This Fun Monday is all about the clothes we can‘t bear to part with, courtesy of Hulagirl, and I really don’t feel that attachment to any of my clothes. Hubby has a couple of Hawaiian shirts he has had since long before we met, and when I asked him, that’s what he chose, but I never got around to taking any photos of them.

So the clothes that I don’t feel ready to part with belong to my grandson and he has long outgrown them. His mom has given me bags and bags of clothes to put on eBay, have a rummage sale or something with, but I’m having a hard time parting with all of them. She doesn’t want the new baby (due Dec 24th) to wear the same things since we take so many photos of Tristan. She’s afraid the baby, when he/she got older, would feel bad if they both had the same clothes in photos. Who knows, maybe I’ll pull my favorite outfits out to just let the baby wear on days I don’t take photos. Shhh, don’t tell him/her.

Tristan - 5 weeks

Tristan’s 5 weeks old here. This is one of the first outfits we found for our first grandchild before he was even born. It’s a sweet little corduroy jumper with a little mouse on the front and little mouse lining, so soft. And when we found that bright striped shirt we thought it was a perfect set. We did a lot of shopping for him in outlet malls but I think we probably spent the most on this outfit as we bought it at a very nice kids’ store in the Mall of America.

happy boy

And who wouldn’t love the little ducky sleeper?


This little blanket sleeper was so soft it felt like he was snuggled in a cloud.

26 days old

He’s not even a month old here. And I love the hat, it sits in his toy drawer and I can’t wait to another baby around to stick it on. The outfit he’s wearing is a fleece two-piece, the pants were striped with feet in them. The hippo’s mouth opens and we bought a bright orange one with some other animal on it too.

bow boy

This one, although you can’t see it in the photo, has a moose on it and is soft fleece.

I have to say that I’m so happy that Chris keeps the current host of Fun Monday on her sidebar. I can’t tell you how many times I have had to peek over there to keep myself on track. And I almost forgot, Robin composed a list of all the topics we've covered so we can refer to it when we're hosting and the history of Fun Mondays for anyone interested in joining in. Thanx Chris & Robin!


  1. I love the ducky sleeper..that's a keeper!! Ooo a rhyme :-)

  2. I love seeing photos of Tristan, but I agree with your daughter. Ditch the old baby clothes, with a few exceptions. New baby, new clothes, maybe it's a girl, or do you already know.

  3. I would totally dress the new baby in the hand-me-downs. It'd be fun to compare photos in the same outfits!

  4. Very cute! Now I won't get started on what a waste of perfectly good clothes thing. I guess we learn that as we get older and have different priorities! I did the same with my first kids, but the younger ones always share clothes. They have however been brought up differently, I am much more concerned about the environment and unnecessary waste. Why not donate the ones you don't want to keep to those in need???? There are so many people out there (even in the US) who simply cannot afford that kind of luxury.

    PS I especially love the little overalls and his hat in the last picture. Very sweet! I have to laugh at the fact that the reasoning behind getting all new clothes is the fact that you take too many pictures. We found the more kids we had the less pictures we take. My sister in law also takes tons of pictures but has packed up her baby clothes for the next one.