Sunday, June 8, 2008

Gone to the dogs


I think I might have mentioned before that my parents have four dogs. You heard me right, four. When I was a kid I was allowed one dog but you see they must have gotten awful lonely without me and. . . Oops, wait, they got four dogs after I moved away, maybe, they help fill the gap of the four grandchildren I took with me when I moved.

Anywho, while visiting, Dennis and I snapped a few shots and I thought I would take the opportunity to formally introduce you.


Hobo is the oldest and wisest. He’s a Yorkshire Terrier and his is ornery. He will eat anything Haden presents to him and as you can see he’s extremely photogenic.


Hobo cooperated so well that even when our cameras were pointed at a different dog he was still posing.


Mr Personality Plus!


Bo we love you but let someone else have their moment of fame.


Tessie is a little younger than Hobo, maybe a year younger, but they’re both getting up there. Tessie had surgery on her knees just like my mom. Her little head wobbles a lot like Kathryn Hepburn’s. She does not like to look at a camera, so she presents a huge challenge.


I think Tessie is a Yorkie too, but she might be a Silky.


Naked Bimbo, er uh, Tinker was my mom’s first Chinese Crested. She had always longed for a hairless dog, why I do not know. Tinker was a royal pain in the butt for several months after she came to live with them but she’s settled in now and for the first time this visit she would come to me and want to be held. She has some hair along her spine there, as you can see but she’s still considered a hairless. I used to think she was pretty ugly but I’ve grown used to her. She’ll be four this year.


Willow Tree was the most difficult of them all. He is so very shy it was difficult to get any shots of him. In fact I used my huge honking lens on him. We could not touch him and he ran, literally, everywhere while we tried.


At one point I said, “Willow”, he looked, I snapped, the flash went off, and off he ran.


Maybe in a couple more years he’ll allow me to touch him too.


And here’s number five. . . What? . . .Oh, yeah, you’re right, I said they had four dogs, not five. Let me introduce, Sophie, she’s a tiny little cotton ball poodle. She belongs to my Aunt Vickie, who was also visiting from Texas. She loves to wear bling and loves having her teeth brushed. They almost lost her to a snakebite a while back so she’s really cherished.


Photos were a collaborative effort by Dennis and me, I really am not sure who took which photo, but if you’re really curious flickr has the photos marked with the camera that took them and I was using the Canon 40D and Dennis was using the Canon 5D. I do know he took those of Hobo and Dennis did all “tweaking”.

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