Wednesday, June 11, 2008

distractions abound

We took a little look around on a trail before we headed on up the mountains. As Dennis and Haden ran ahead of me to get a geocache, I dilly-dallied taking a few photos. First I came upon these tiny little wildflowers.


And a couple interesting plants.


I swear I’ve seen this stuff for sale at Wal-Mart.



What is this stuff? It reminds me of artichoke.

I kept hearing this noise that reminded me of crickets all around me. It didn’t take long to determine the source of the noise.


I know those aren’t awesome hummingbird photos but that’s all I could catch in this spot. (Better hummers later.)



A cute little what’s-it bird. That’s as close as he’d let me get.


And a Black-billed Magpie, or two.


I was very curious about these birds; it was the first time I had ever seen one. I’m not sure if I ever got a better photo of them or not. You see I still haven’t looked at all the photos I took yet. But, I wanted a Magpie to stand still for just a moment and let me examine it. Instead, they wanted to hide in the tall grasses or fly away when I aimed the lens. Maybe they smelled me. Did you know they can use scent to locate food, unlike most birds?



  1. Very bright and commenting is easier. Those magpies are fascinating birds.

  2. Lisa I have to agree with Molly, I previously had to type in all my details and a code every time I visited and wanted to comment, and the black was not always easy on my eyes.
    I'm not, however, a lover of Magpies they are real pests~ there are two pairs that patrol our garden (I think I have mentioned this before), they try and intimidate the other birds, but we have a blackbird that stands up to them!

  3. How do you feel about the customizability here at WordPress. I checked out a WordPress blog a couple of years ago and was disappointed by the limitations in customizing the look and feel. Has it improved?

  4. anglophilefootballfanatic.comJune 12, 2008 at 8:52 AM

    You are going to love self-hosting! It's wonderful. If you need any WP help, lemme know. The hubby's become a pro in doing mine.

  5. I love the new place. I think the white will help promote your photos better.

    Of course I am biased because I have the hardest time reading on a black background.

    Is there any other reason you chose to have your own domain? I see a lot of people doing this and I just wonder what goodies you are seeing.

  6. I agree that the white background really makes your photos "pop." I thought that one plant was an artichoke too. :)

  7. Oooh I like it over here! Much prefer the white, its easier on tired old eyes! As usual your photos are amazing! I wish I could take pictures like that. Maybe I should wear my glasses! LOL!