Friday, June 6, 2008

God Smote You

Every Wednesday evening for a few months now, we hear a commotion. At first I thought the neighbors must be having a cookout or party, whatever. I kinda wondered why they sometimes clapped, but figured they were playing games.

About a month ago I figured out that it was every Wednesday evening and also heard songs drifting on the breeze. Aha, they’re having church.

I don’t intend to sound mean, cranky, whatever but it’s a little annoying when the sounds of songs and clapping drift through the window above my tv. They’re about a block away, but I don’t know which house. I do know, this is a residential neighborhood with five churches within a mile of us. So I think it odd that “church” is being held in someone’s yard.

This past Wednesday, tired after our long journey and feeling more than a little cranky over it, I bitched and moaned. Yep, I did. Hubby got up to peek out the window and see if he could see where they were and as he pulled the drape aside it fell down upon his head with a loud KA-WHACK!

As he rolled around on the floor in agony, the words of their song wafted in.
Reign(Rain?) down upon my head
Hm, hmm, hm

The Ghost of the Holy Spirit

Raining down upon my head.

Hm, hmm . . .

That’s all I caught but it was enough to send me into cackles. Hubby didn’t believe me when I was relaying the words to him so we were silent and he heard it too.

Me - God smote you.

Him - Smote? Are you sure that’s a word?

Me - I think so. Yeah, like smite, hitting hard, etc

He pulled himself up off the floor and I went to the window.

Him - If it falls on you too we’re going over there and joining them

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