Thursday, September 16, 2010



A maze of emotions running 'round and 'round.  Blood tests completed, CT scan soon, then we wait and wait for the results to come in.  I'm pretty much an emotional wreck each time it's time for a follow-up.  With any luck, the emotions will all be upbeat when the verdict is read.
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  1. I have been thinking of you and will keep positive thoughts and prayers coming your way!

  2. love the veins on the leaf. Love your willingness to push on and not be defeated. Life is very much what we make it. You have made it something to hold onto and love. My prayers are with you!

  3. What incredible details! very cool macro! My thoughts and prayers are heading your way!

  4. I love this shot!!!

    And I hope the maze of cancer releases you out an exit someday soon!

  5. Beautiful color ... looks like a topographical map.