Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Home from Vacation and a surprise

We got home from vacation and are now trying to recuperate, lol. Most people don't vacation like we do, in fact I think most of you would jump out of the car by day 2. We are up at the crack of dawn (or before on this trip - 5am) and keep going quickly until after dark (9-10pm this trip). When we hike a trail it's as quickly as possible as there are other trails to see, we are full steam ahead our entire trip. We eat in the car while zipping from place to place, finally getting dinner after dark, when we're ready to stop for the night - some days that was the only meal we ate. No wonder we crash when we hit home.

I tend to have a problem with allergies every single time we leave Wisconsin, no matter where we go. :( And this time you can add in the altitude. We were continually above 6000 feet for about 4 days and 3 nights. The third night I could hardly breathe. I felt like the goldfish I've seen on those asthma billboards, gasping for every breath.

As we descended I felt the band around my chest loosen, and breathing became a little less effort. I'm stubborn and wouldn't see a doctor until we got home and by now I have a upper respiratory infection. Trying to get over it and gain some strength back.

I thought by now I would be catching up with all of you, should be able to today, my brain just isn't quite back up to par, lol. I have started picking through the photos for my 5 year posts and hope to start those today too. Bear with me, eventually I'll be back to normal.


Our son called Sept 10th to let us know that Fibi had a puppy. We diaper both dogs when she's in heat and let them outside individually, we've been successful, until this last heat cycle. Not sure what happened, but I never saw any action so I think maybe it happened on my son's watch. I did notice her heat seemed to be shorter than normal, but I thought it was because she's getting older. And a few weeks ago we noticed her nipples seemed swollen but I thoroughly felt and listened and we decided maybe a false pregnancy.


Well, this false pregnancy came with a puppy surprise, lol. Just the one pup, probably why I couldn't feel it, or hear it, even the week before she was born.


She's a little girl and these photos were taken when she was 2 days old, just quickly snapped. Hopefully I'll get to take lots of nice photos of her between now and when she goes to her forever home. I'm sure we'll find her a nice home. Oh and she's a Lhasa Apso



  1. Hey Lisa, sorry you're sick... hopefully the doctor will be able to take care of that infection right away. OMG that puppy is too cute! Can't wait to see more pictures.

  2. Welcome back. Now for a few days to recover from your vacation. Allergies are a bear.

    Cute puppy, then puppies and kittens should be included in the definition of the word.

  3. Oh my goodness! I understand the breathing difficulties and allergies but I sure hope that you make sure that everything's alright in those lungs of yours - wouldn't want pneumonia to settle itself in there. I can't believe that you have a little puppy...one little itsy bitsy cute puppy. I don't recall every hearing of a dog only having one puppy. That's kind of neat :)

  4. Love it! She is so cute. I love surprises, especially when they come in such cute little packages.

  5. I have a bad case of puppy love!! We used to have a Lhas Apso/Shih Tzu mix and loved her dearly.

    Take care of yourself and get to the doctor pronto! I'm glad you are all back safely and sounds like a fun, but very exhausting trip. And yep - by day 2 I'd have been hitch-hiking back home! LOL... :)

  6. is she pure breed??

    I had some problems on our trip in utah and Arizona and Nevada. High elevations. Just sort of takes your breath away -- as well as the beauty.

    Get better!

    I'm still trying to pop in now and then and visit. Life is complicated here.

  7. Hope you recover soon...vacations can really do you in. How cute is the puppy, and what a nice surprise.

  8. ... that is the cutest pup... look at her little pink feet ^..^ Looking forward to some more photos of her :)

  9. So so sweet! I love tiny baby mammals!

  10. Oh she is already gorgeous, what might become of her..
    Sure you won't keep her yourself ;-) I would have trouble letting her go

  11. Wow... I'm not sure I could keep up with you on a vacation like that! And what a surprise to come home to, that puppy is so cute.

  12. I, too, hope you're back up and running soon. We can't go too many days without you!

    The baby is just so precious! Almost makes me want one!!!

  13. What a sweet little puppy, I miss having one around. Our vacation wasn't quite as hectic as your but we were up in the mountains so I can understand the breathing issues.

  14. She'll grow up to be really pretty :)
    Hope you get over the infection soon.

  15. Not sure I could hang with you guys on your 'vacations', but it does sound fun enough :)
    The puppy surprise is a real surprise, but a cute one.
    And at least it's only one :D

  16. Surprise would be a cute name. Nothing like a puppy to bring a smile to my face!

  17. Well Gee ... that is a unexpected homecoming gift!