Monday, September 27, 2010

Flood of 2010


It was a great weekend to be a duck in Central Wisconsin. Pretty much any river or creek overflowed its banks, many road closures, and some houses had to be evacuated. It was the most water I've seen since living here!


There were ducks enjoying water in places there would normally be grass. It was quite a sight!


This bench sits on the end of a pier on the Wisconsin River (above the dam) in Bukolt Park, Stevens Point.


River Road running along the west side of the Wisconsin River had to be blocked off, along with several bridges crossing it.


This was as the water was coming back down.


One of our favorite places to shoot portraits. Normally there's not this much water.  In fact, normally the "ditch" is dry.



See, lots less water.  Just compare where the dam is and you can tell.  The water was clear up to the wall on the left, you can see that wall in a photo further down.

Looking in the other direction you can see the train bridge in the distance, with water nearing the bottom of it.



Handicapped Accessible Fishing Pier would be difficult to get to.

This spot is one of the places you can jump on the Green Circle Trail. Normally the water is way out past the trees. There was so much water some trees were uprooted and tossed onto the trail, and the trail was flooded in spots even though it's quite a bit higher than the water normally is.


If you go down this road and hang a left, go a couple more blocks, there's a huge parking area for Galecke Park. Oh, and a boat ramp, but don't think you can make it to any of that. There are houses down there too, btw.


Dennis wanted to walk it, but he couldn't even make it to the corner, the water got thigh deep and he turned back, smartly, I think.


See, he's little bity down there.


Hope you don't rent a yearly spot at this riverside campground. All Rvs had to be moved up along the roads.


  1. Relate to your water world! We may not have had your flooding, but on my Mornington Peninsula (south of Melbourne in Australia), we have barely had a day without rain for nigh on two months! We even had hail this afternoon!

    Great photos!

  2. What a great reportage!
    Sorry it is such a harrowing occasion.
    I thought those things only happeded here in the UK, where water management isn't exactly exemplary.
    We have allowed all the water meadows be developed for building houses.
    And then people are surprised when they get flooded.

    Nice Reflections photos :-)

  3. I had seen some reports about the flooding in Wisconsin. That's pretty awful. Sounds like your house isn't directly affected, so that's good.

  4. great photos, that sure is a lot of water!

  5. Oh wow - I hope it has receded. Great shots!

  6. Wonderful shots, and the light in the golden hours makes all the difference. Can we borrow some of that water here in the south?

  7. the kind of rain where you worry about the ducks drowning.

  8. Oh, this looks awful. Hopefully everyone is okay.

  9. Hi Lisa,

    Had to stop by when I heard of the flood, and of course, you've captured beauty in it.

    one love.

  10. Our area had a similar flood last May and the campgrounds are still not open...either is the marina! It takes a long time (and lots of money) to recover! Sorry that happened to you guys as well....but wow does it make for some outstanding images!

  11. great pictures . . . I've been watching the news of the flooding on TV. Hope everything turns out all right.

  12. I don't know what to say other than wow!. That's a lot of water. Your personal story makes this real in a way that news reports can't.

  13. Boy, can I relate to this pictures of your flooding. We have had 2 big hurricanes remnants that have come through our area and it was an unbelievable sight. All of that water rushing forward with all of its FORCE scares me to death. We have a creek in our yard so we see it frusta hand. Fortunately, the house has never flooded in the worst of them...which means we do not have to carry flood insurance. Your photographs are beautiful. You know, once all the water recedes you have that forsaken can up of all the nude it leaves behind in the homes....and the cleaning out. Hope all is well with you, and thanks for the comment about Mr. Big Fish!

    Hugs, Genie

  14. Wow, that's crazy. Looks like our Arizona streets when the monsoons flood the washes. Those are some lucky ducks, though!

  15. Wow, I'd heard about the flooding, and now I've seen it. Hopefully it doesn't cause a big spike in mosquitoes...

  16. Lisa,
    I love your flood photos and the mosquito and the manatees etc. etc. (so all of your photos.) I am so glad to hear you remain in remission, but totally get your distrust. I hope it has passed and you are celebrating too!

  17. You've got some serious water going on there. Amazing conditions!

  18. Wow. I hope the flood hasn't messed up your house or anything. They can be so destructive. Here's hoping you dry out soon.

  19. Living in Michigan I have been to Indiana (stationed there in the army), Ohio (relatives there) and Illinois (relatives there also), but never to Wisconsin. It isn't that far...

    Wow! I have never seen flooding here, but lived through three tornadoes. Your pictures and commentary are awesome. You did a brilliant job.

  20. oh my gosh, that is a lot of water. No stopping that flow, them lucky ducks.