Wednesday, September 29, 2010

A Look Back

I have been feeling nostalgic and decided to periodically share an old post, or photos from the archives. Here's a post that describes a phenomenon that has been happening a LOT lately. The moose moments.

Missourians don't have accents, Dad's tired ears & Blonde moments
originally posted Thursday, 29 December 2005

While visiting our family in Missouri over the holidays I discovered that Missourians DO indeed have accents. As a child I always wanted to go somewhere with accents as I was so disappointed that we didn't have any. After being gone from MO for 3 years I discovered how wrong I had been. I have worked, as an adult, to improve my pronunciation of certain words and found myself lapsing while there. In fact, I told my parents I was going to end up going home talking funny. :)

While there I also discovered that my dad's hearing isn't getting worse with age, his ears are tired. Sorry mom, but I now know where I got my loquaciousness. Like mother, like daughter, they say. Dennis's ears will soon be tired too. Fortunately for him, he gets a 2-4 day break with each chemo as I speak very little on those worst days. However, he swears I make up for it on my good days.

Yesterday, I mentioned to some of you about having a blonde moment. Since the chemo I seem to be having more of them, but I hear that and the forgetfulness (apparently I tell Dennis the same things over and over and never remember saying it more than once} are normal and will pass when the chemo's over. Crazy thing's happen though right now. Like on the trip to MO, out of the blue, and in the dark, Dennis says, "There's a moose in the back."

I look behind us and see nothing, so I look at him questioningly.

He again says, "There's a moose in the back."

I say, "where?"

He says, "In the back of the car."

"Moose?", I ask.

"MOOse" he says while nodding.

So I look towards the back, and again look at him.

He asks, "What's so hard to understand about there being a moose in the back?"

"A moose?" I ask again

He looks at me like I'm an alien and again says, "What aren't you getting about there being a moose in the back?"

I say, "Well. . . I want to know how it got there and why it's there."

He says, "You know the drink. . .(no response from me just furrowed brows). . .chocolate, you like them. Boost, there's one there."

I say, "OOOOOOOOHHHHHHH, A BOOST. I thought you said a MOOse"

He wonders, "Why would there be a moose in the back?"

I reply, "That's what I wanted to know."

After a good laugh, then some riding in silence once again, I ask, "WHY do you wait 10 hours into the trip to tell me there's a Boost in the back? Just out of the blue. . ..

You get the idea. Crazy moments and hilarious too. But make me feel like a moron at times. Such as today. Khristiaan tells me, "This is where Dennis and I ate."

"Where?" I ask

"Here, at Dennis's" he says.

I say, "You and Dennis ate at Dennis's here?"

He says, "yes"

I look at him and say "Dennis's? What's Dennis's"

To make a long story short, ends up they ate at Denny's. Made much more sense then. Maybe my hearing's going too.

So the strangest thing happened tonight. When I washed my hair it got blonder. My husband asked what I did to my hair because it looks blonde. I told him I have been having a few blonde moments lately. . . Weird. Must be a chemo effect. He says it looks like I spent a lot of money on it, as it's varied shades. It is much lighter than it was a few days ago, or earlier today for that matter. BTW, I am losing hair. Lucklily I have tons of it so you can't tell by looking at me but I get loads of hair in the brush and all over the bathroom and all over me. Frustrating that I shed worse than my dogs.

I saw this wonderful idea tonight. You can make all of your Christmas cards into a book and I have decided to take all the cards I have received full of well wishes and make a book of them to easily look through on my worse days. It'll help remind me of all the people, thinking good thoughts and saying prayers. I would also love to add photos of card-sender's petsso if you've sent a card without a photo of your pet could you email me a photo to include in my book with your card? I have been trying to figure out what to do with them, as I wanted to keep them and still be able to see them. Currently they are around my whirlpool, where I see them daily. I am so excited about getting them together this way! After I get everything in order I can take it to Office Max and have it bound to keep forever.

Well chemo's tomorrow, and we are expecting another snow storm. Amazing the big ones only come on my chemo days. Talk to you soon.


  1. There are tons of accents here in the South! I have lived with a "yankee" for 23 years so I have lost some of my thick southern-twang. That is such a funny story about your dad and the "moose!"

  2. It is fun to revisit some of your older posts ... and a written one at that! I love the miscommunication. Lord knows it happens here often enough.

  3. unique plant--and what a great story. Makes me chuckle :)

  4. So, when I moved to Missouri, my co-worker informed me that I had an OHIO accent! I said "Ummm, no I don't" She swears that I do. She said "I didn't know that Ohio people had accents, but you do." I think she's just crazy.

  5. Lovin' the blond moments, especially the moose in the back. Your get well book idea is fantastic!