Wednesday, February 16, 2011

new additions


Our daughter and her family got a new, larger aquarium so they're letting us use their 29 gallon tank.  It's been a while since we had a tank. The last one we had was full of cichlids - like the one I shared yesterday, Mac. And they bred like crazy.  When we lived in Missouri we custom built 150 gallon tank that we had to leave with the house, would love to do that again some day.


We like using live plants and we took the shells and such that we gathered from our trips to Maine and Florida to build their habitat.


We're having a lot of fun building our little world, and I look forward to introducing you to all the new pets. We have 5 black mollies and 2 white ones. I can't remember what they're called, I just call them bubble guts, lol.


But the first fish we bought for the tank was this adorable Green Pufferfish. I call him Puff Daddy and he's a character.


  1. I love puff daddy! He's adorable and you got such a great picture of him. Fish are tricky, they rarely sit still and say cheese!

  2. Puff Daddy is a charmer....that yellow is so striking! We have a fresh water tank...would like a salt water, but way too much work!

  3. Love the photos of the fish... Puff Daddy IS (as others have noted) a charmer... we had a small aquarium growing up and I recall hours of watching the fish... am definitely too lazy to have one now so will enjoy seeing images you post!

  4. Oh my goodness ..... these are fabulous shots! Puff Daddy is one cool dude!

  5. PuffDaddy is such a pretty fish - love the color and spots!

  6. Oh ... I'm sure you'll have some neat photos of these guys. Love Puff Daddy! We've never really had good luck with fish. It always ends in death for everyone (usually within a few months) so I gave up.

  7. I love aquariums. It's kinda peaceful to just watch the fishes swim around in their little world.

  8. Oh lucky you! I've been wanting to get an aquarium for so long. Not sure how long you can leave them alone, especially if we travel some.