Sunday, February 13, 2011



Watching an aquarium full of fish can be so mesmerizing and relaxing.  I imagine that's why so many oncologists have tanks in their waiting rooms.

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  1. we have a small aquarium (which kids love)

    This past 1/2 year it has been neglected... look so dirty and unkempt. When I was at Karmyn's recently, WR cleaned it. When I got home I noticed the lovely clean aquarium AND some floaters. WR came running and discovered that when he replaced the heater, that he accidentally turned it up to high.

    So, now we not only have a clean aquarium, but we have some lovely new fish, too. Our other ones must have been centenarians in fish years. Hope they didn't suffer too much.

  2. That is just excellently cool.

  3. Love it! and you are so right. There is nothing quite like watching a beautiful aquarium of fish. Especially when they are multicolored and so graceful to watch.

  4. Fishy looking character isn't he :-)

  5. Perfect capture...I am just captivated by this guy's eye!

  6. Wow! His eye is so cool! I love all the detail you got!