Wednesday, December 1, 2010



It's amazing how strong threadlike needles are - I think often we feel that we are weak and unable, then surprise ourselves by being powerful and able to withstand much.  The burden of cancer is a rather large weight, but somehow we find a way to keep moving on.

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  1. i love your year 5 project. you've had some real insights to share with us. your happiness post is one i relate to well. i've always believed one should enjoy life to its fullest. i will continue to do that everyday. i'm continually amazed at how people hold on when tragedy strikes. those threads can be strong. love the key picture. isn't it neat how we have something on our minds and see it everywhere? keep up the good work with this project. it helps everyone move forward. have a great night~

  2. I love the picture and you are so right! The wonderful thing about Pine Trees is their amazing ability to bend in the wind. I have seen them bent nearly to the ground and still not break. It takes a lot more force than you would think to manage to break these amazing trees. You are like that. You bend and give underneath the weight you have been given to bear, but you are not breaking. You are sharing wisdom, compassion and joy with others. Bravo for you! You are amazing.

  3. Beautiful image. We have lots of pine trees all around us. They are very shallow rooted so their strength is in the resilience of their trunks and their ability to be able to bend with the wind.

  4. Beautiful contrast between the deep green and the snow! I love pines coated w/ snow and you captured some of that magic definitely!