Friday, December 17, 2010

Drive-by snowy shootings

All photos taken while I was a passenger in a moving vehicle. Fun!


When shooting photos from a moving car it is best to aim in the direction you are going.  If you shoot out a side window you need to focus rather far away, at fast speeds, to avoid blurring.  But I noticed the tank too late to shoot out the front.  I had to snap quick out the driver's side window, snapping in between Dennis and the steering wheel and passing cars - but I got it! Thought the tank looked really pretty in the snow!  The "blurring" you do see is actually the falling snow.


Loved the starkness of tree branches against flying snow.



I had to say our plow guys are AWESOME! They keep it to where we can get around night and day. :)

The photos above were taken near Wisconsin Dells a few days before our big snow storm.  The ones below are around the Plover/Stevens Point area during our big storm.


We were up before 6am the morning of our storm, out checking things out.


Flocked trees - pretty!


I-39 doesn't look bad.


This is Kohl's parking lot, facing Lowe's, that pile of snow is taller than cars - had to wait for that car to drive there so you could tell that. Amazing - yep still there. :)


The pile keeps getting bigger in front of Starbucks.


Starbucks is hiding behind the pile at the other end of Kohl's lot.


Think he got stuck? He's behind Lowe's, wonder if he's still there. . .


And in the field by WalMart you can see that they did not finish getting the snow fencing up. Oo



Just love snow on signs. :)



  1. Boy did you all get hit. We have barely a skiff down here. Bet you are still digging out.
    Stay warm this weekend,

  2. Lisa, I LOVE the third photo, it's fabulous. And the Chili's sign, just great.

  3. i sure am enjoying the snow you guys got. thanks for sharing all these wonderful pics. have a great night.

  4. Wow ... you guys do have a lot of snow. You got some neat shots ... and even the familiar signs look cool when covered in snow.

  5. Thanks, I love these. It's much better to see personalized photos than the ones on TV. I'm a tad jealous, it's not looking promising for a white christmas. Plenty cold, just no precip.

  6. Oooh, sure is a lot of snow. I like the tank - looks like a drawing.... Actually I don't like tanks for what they represent, but I like the photo.

  7. Wow, that is some snow!! We only got flurries and rain. I was so hoping for a white Christmas. No fluffiness in sight here.

  8. Oh LOVE the starbucks sign!! Again I say How do you guys cope with all that!?? What happens when it all melts!! It is very pretty though :-)

  9. I totally love your drive-bys!

  10. I too love the third picture. I think these stark photos of bare trees against snow are really beautiful. They appeal to my love of black & white photographs. How impressive to see how your guys cope with the snow over there. Here in England we've had a few inches of snow and the whole country is completely paralysed!!

  11. All of that snow is great. Apparently Wisconsin knows how to deal with snow, they seem to have it all under control. Around here they just close everything down and panic! :)

    Curious... what is a snow fence?