Thursday, December 9, 2010



Ever feel like you're traveling arduous journey alone?  The road has been cleared by many others who felt that way before you.

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  1. No dear Lisa, you are not traveling alone. Many of us have left out footsteps on the same path and are still here to talk about it. There probably is a light at the end of the tunnel and it probably is not a locomotive. Keep on plugging away. I have lived 10 year longer than I was supposed to and I'm still having fun.

  2. Sometimes, the road seems long and empty, but you are never truly alone. It is all in your perspective. Keep on moving forward.

  3. The photograph does indeed look cold and lonely but the comments you get from all your wonderful followers just go to show that it's only an illusion and you are not alone.

  4. another great statement. i'm so glad i have you to look to for inspiration. thanks for all your support to those who have yet to journey along this road. have a great night~