Monday, December 6, 2010



I don't care how old you are, you're never too old to get down underneath the Christmas tree, shimmy under until your head touches the trunk and gaze at the flickering lights, getting lost in peaceful moments.  With any luck no one will notice where you're hiding and you can dream for hours.

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This huge owl is a new addition this year and he's a hit! He greets everyone who enters. :)  {That's Santa on a butterfly next to him}


  1. Love this view and one that I'd not thought of, which, honestly, Lisa - is odd for me, because I get into some of the strangest places and positions when I'm taking photos. Thank you for sharing your tree and the moment with us. At my house, I absolutely would not be able to rest under the tree all by myself. I'd have a cat trying to attack my head and a doggy girl, most likely, plopping down on top of me :)

  2. I love the picture of the owl. The lighting is just right and makes the tree and its lights really shimmer.

  3. I love your owl...he just looks so natural sitting there in the tree! Those lights make me feel excited as if I were a little girl on Christmas morning!

  4. I love this perspective ... it is simply magical!!