Sunday, December 19, 2010

making bread


More and more I like making my own foods so I know exactly what is in them.  The yummy smells of freshly baking bread is just a bonus!

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Yummy!  Honey Granola Bread parts.


  1. Oh yeah, gotta love fresh bread!! I am so lucky, my hubby loves to bake it and there is never a week goes by that we don't have at least two homemade loaves to munch on. Love your ingredients!

  2. I find that kneading bread is the most wonderful experience - it brings to me feelings of nurture, growth, creation and wonder. It's something to do with the gradual transition of simple ingredients into a living thing. You've reminded me that it's too long since I made my own bread (without the machine, that is).

  3. I'm having a hard time visiting so many blogs with yummy food posted! ;)