Thursday, January 21, 2010

Thankful for the Polar Plunge jumpers

January 9th marked the 10th annual polar plunge for Angel on My Shoulder and we were there, once again, to document the event. :)


All the people lined up were jumpers, but Mr Green-britches was the most scantily clad. lol


The first jumper turned to his girlfriend, ring in hand, and asked her to take the big plunge with him!


She said yes, then he scooped her up and they went to take the cold jump.


There they go!


They a quiet, cold, moment to celebrate their choice!



Too funny not to share.



Think that water was cold? Lemme tell you, they have to keep skimming the ice off while waiting, so yeah, it
is cold.


They look a little nervous.


I cropped in so you could see the expressions. I think dad is saying a prayer, wondering what his wife got them in to. The little girl looks like she'd rather be anywhere else. Even mom, seems she might be having second thoughts.

PhotoStory Friday
Hosted by Cecily and Michelle


Yay! They did it!


Even the devil took on an angel.


But this hairy angel is taking that devil with him.

I'm truly thankful for the people willing to brave the frigid water, and air, to raise money for such a worthy cause!  Sorry this one is a little late.  But it was too good to glide over.

LAST year's plunge photos are here :)


  1. I remember seeing this in Michigan. One of my girlfriends took the dip and her nipples were hard for 4 days afterwards...LOL!

  2. How you managed to get so many shots of the guy in the over the shoulder thong not showing his business.....well that is talent. :)

    Loved all the pictures, they really made me smile!

  3. Looks like the guy in the green er... Um speedo lost his wig in the jump too funny last thing I would do is cannon ball with a bare butt! Great post Lisa!

  4. You are SO talented at this kind of manage to make every shot a little piece of art rather than a simple snap shot. I envy that!

    I LOVE it when you post these events...and I love your commentary. Totally makes every picture that much better!

  5. Wow....those are awesome photos! What a sweet proposal! That green thing...LOL!

  6. Cold cold and very cold. Im not sure that I could jump in to freezing cold water on a freezing cold day.

    great photo friday

  7. All I can say is that I'm SOOO glad my husband didn't dip me in the ice when he proposed. I'm not sure I would have said yes! Lol!

  8. OMG!!! I would have loved to have seen that in person!

  9. I love the shots of Mr. Green Britches. Theses photos make me go brrrrrr.

  10. I remember these from last year!!! So fun! I love the Borat guy! And I can't believe the little girl did it too ... good for her!! What fun great photos .. thanks for sharing.

  11. Those shots are awesome! And those people are certifiable! I do love the proposal though -- very cool. No pun intended.

  12. Super-Awesome post..great writing and commentary..lovely photos..super wild.. fun and worthy cause! Great post!

  13. Lisa,
    That green "suit"...whoa!!!! Love the pictures, way fun to look at (in the confines of my warm house!)

  14. Makes me cold just watching them, great shots.

  15. this is too funny! i've heard of this before...i think it's crazy, but they do seem to be having fun! lol i'm glad my hubby didn't choose to propose that way. lol

  16. Hilarious! No way I would do that! And I'm glad you were able to take pics of Mr Green Pants without showing, well... you know!

  17. Of course, "Before" and "After" shots of Mr. Green Breeches might give us a true sense of just how cold it was...

  18. this post was so much fun from taking the plunge to mr. green shorts--oi!

  19. These are awesome!!!! Love the newly engaged couple and the family of three! Oh and BRRRRRRRRR!

  20. Mr. Green Britches, was hardly wearing any britches! YIKES!
    You have captured some great expressions and several brave souls!

  21. These are awesome. I'm so afraid what people might have been exposed to with the dude in green! The one with the family is amazing as is the proposal. Wow!

  22. Wow! Some interesting people jumping there. Beautiful shots of the event. And yes I am glad others are crazy enough to do it :)

  23. What a great post to share. I had a good laugh at Green-britches; brave man and I believe he brought a few laugh too. :)

  24. Oh my gosh the guy in green - HILARIOUS!! And the look on that little girl's face. I truly could not imagine how cold that water is.

  25. Mr Green Britches is just too, too funny, BUT the look on that family's faces is priceless. What awesome photos Lisa!

  26. Terrific photos but YIKES how CRAZY!

  27. Oooh my, they are brave! I don't think I'd ever manage this!

  28. I got two words. Screw. Dat. I'll write a check thanks, and leave the ice swimming to the crazies.

    And apparently Mr. Green Britches wasn't familiar with the Seinfeldian concept of Shrinkage. Bet he is now though!

  29. All I could think of is COLD, My brain FREEZE! LOL But you captured them well.

  30. that would have been fun (but painful) to watch
    I noticed we didn't get a good shot of the green thongy thingy

  31. I love the shots from last year, and this year they are fantastic as well! So glad to be inside, warm and dry.