Monday, April 20, 2009

Wanna win some Jelly Bellies?


For the last few weeks I have been wondering who put the stuffing in this birdhouse. I never saw any creature coming or going and it may have been there all winter unnoticed because I didn't really even look at it until the snow started melting and I wondered if I'd be lucky enough to have a guest this spring.


Then, Saturday afternoon, I guess the neighborhood was noisy enough that this little guest popped his head out.


Who is this? Let's get closer.


After I got close enough to realize that this is my little flying squirrel friend (spotted last October on my suet), I slowly backed away, went into the garage and did the happy dance like I had just won a million dollars. My husband looked at me like I had lost my mind. So I stopped jumping and wiggling, breathed deeply and softly told him that a flying squirrel had moved into the birdhouse. I also told him that I was so excited and thrilled (like he couldn't tell) and maybe there'd be babies and on and on, then I started jumping again.

This man really loves me, he gave me that smile that you give to excited children when you're pretty puzzled by their joy but are just happy to be away from their tears. And he did not take me to the mental institute so I feel pretty loved.


I think he likes me. :) I was about 5 feet from him here. Here's where the contest comes in. He (or she) needs a name. Did I mention how excited I am?  I hope there's babies, which I suppose would mean that there's more than one.  But I'm just so happy to be able to get a photo of him.   I hope to catch him out eating, but he's nocturnal so that may not happen.  A girl can dream.


We recently discovered that Milwaukee has a Jelly Belly factory. So, leave your suggestions of a name for the little fellow and I will choose one and deliver some Wisconsin Jelly Bellies to the person who suggested the name. In the event a name comes up more than once I'll go with the first person who suggested it. You can leave as many comments/names as you want between now and next Monday noon. I'll announce the winner, and the winning name, next Tuesday.


Boy? Girl? What do you think we should call him?


  1. I like Nosey only because that is what she is doing. Being nosey to the outside world. Very cute pictures.

  2. Hi Lisa,
    What a fun visitor you have! My suggestion: Poppy.

  3. What a cutie...the name that comes to me cuz of how he's peeking out of that hole is "Peeps".

  4. How about Gaia, the greek goddess of Earth. Mother of all things, maybe it will be good luck and she will have lots of babies for you. She is very cute.

  5. Sammy Squirrel, that way boy or girl it fits.

  6. If it's a girl I'd call her Sister Bertrille after the Flying Nun. When I was a kid, I used to be a little squirrel whisperer. The darlings used to climb up and sit on my shoulder and eat peanuts. If it's a boy, Bruce Wayne, after Batman (how's that for two pop culture references)!

  7. That is just too cute! How about he is peeping out of the hole...oh, but now I read that someone beat me to it above! Or better yet, how about Peek-a-Boo (Boo for short).
    Enjoy the day! Erin

  8. How about Jelly? or Beanie? or Amelia (after Amelia Earhart)? Buzz (after the astronaut)? Orville or Wilber (after the Wright Brothers?)

  9. That is one sweet cutie pie.
    I wouldn't mind him (her???) as a neighbour either.

    Name, huh? Mh. Hubby's always better at this than I am.

    I like Poky.
    That's the first thing that came to my mind :)

  10. I saw that someone already suggested "Jelly". (after the jelly bellies!)

    hmm.. what kind of tree is that? maybe name him after the tree?

  11. How about Nutters?

  12. How darn cute! That happened to us one year back at our old house. We would take flashlights and watch the little nocturnal creatures scurry around!

    I like Nutters!

  13. How come I can never be clever on demand like this? But, I do like your little nest squatter.

  14. Rocky of course! And then you have to get him/her a little leather helmet.


  15. Adorable! I like the name Sequoia, its a really tall redwood tree, a great place for a squirrel to live and a beautiful name, I know a little girl with this name and she is just as cute.

    Speaking of Jelly Belly Beans, my oldest daughter is addicted to them, I got her a really big box for xmas and a certain little puppy went ahead and helped herself to most of them. LOL somebody was not impressed!

  16. Cute squirrel! Its expression looks like the kitty's one in the previous post. ;p

  17. I've been on that tour; it's great. I learned all about how the jelly bellies are made, the ingredients, etc. Plus, at the end, they offered a few samples.

    The best part was that at one of the outlet malls on I95 between Milwaukee and Chicago, there used to be a Jelly Belly seconds store. If I remember correctly, the price was $2.00 per pound. My kids and I didn't care if they were shaped perfectly. They still tasted great.

    Oh, my name for the squirrel is JB; which on the one hand stands for Jelly Belly and on the other hand stands for Junior Bird, a title given to the newest resident of your bird house.........................:)

  18. Great photos! She looks like a "Destiny" to me...LOL!

  19. He's so cute! He looks like a Peanut to me. :O)

  20. The only names I can come up with are Nutsy or Nutkins.
    (s)he is absolutely adorable!

  21. I liked people's suggestions for Nutters and Peanut.

    and along that line I'm going to throw in Pecan! ;)

    which could be like peek-can! because he's peeking!!

    (okay so Peanut is better)

  22. Eekhorn (or shortened to Acorn? fitting for a squirrel) which is dutch for squirrel.
    I would be super excited too! YAY!

  23. C'mon Lisa - That is OBVIOUSLY Rocky from Rocky and Bullwinkle! ;-)

    P.S. I would have reacted EXACTLY the same way you did!!! And my husband gives me that look/smile too.

  24. Have fun at the factory, I've never been. How about Butterscotch Nutters?

  25. I can't believe it was 15 comments down before somebody suggested the obvious "Rocky". I mean jeez! what else would you name a flying squirrel? And it's fairly gender neutral too.

    I do that happy dance when I get a good one like this. But most times the reaction is more one of bewilderment than anything else. Except for Tonka. He doesn't understand why I'm happy, but if I'm happy he's happy. That's why he's my best friend. Doesn't ask a lot of questions.

  26. Hi Lisa,
    The squirrel is adorable! I'd have to go for Rocky, too, as in one of my favorite cartoons.
    My daughter was a camp counselor last summer and they took their group to the Jelly Belly Factory tour. She said it was boring! They didn't actually see anything being made. She says a better tour is on the Illinois side, at the Long Grove Confectionery. They showed the employees hand dipping the chocolates. Yum!
    Hope your squirrel has some babies!

  27. It is so cute. I would be pretty excited to get that photo too, but probably not so much as you. I will have to think on some names; it is too early to be trying to name something.

  28. I would call him "Pixel".

  29. I want to call him Henry - I know I'm weird but he just looks like a Henry to me :-)

  30. Popeye ... cuz that's what pops out at me first. And you know he's had to eat his spinach to fly ...

  31. Adorable post ... wonderful name suggestions previously offered ... I have no idea how you'll choose one but I'm delighted you shared this exciting experience here and hope we'll see more photos of this cutie down the line.
    Hugs and blessings,