Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Chaos is Bliss (?)


I hope your week has been full of bright, sunshiney days!  I've been feeling just a little unmotivated and overwhelmed.  So, what do you do when you're in a funk?  I have to admit that while cleaning my windows (inside and out) made my house sparkle it fill me full of songs of cheer.  Ideas?  Thanx!


Chaos abounds in typical fashion.  And I've been doing good at sticking to my diet, but my bum is still sore from that 30 mile bike ride and exercise has been hard to fin this last week.  I've only lost 1 measly little pound in the last two weeks!  I find that frustrating and disheartening but I keep telling myself that it's okay and the pounds will eventually keep falling if I keep sticking to my program.  Right?


cell phone picture - sorry for quality

Haden had a little red spot on his knuckle a few weeks ago.  It disappeared after a few days but then about a week later it came back.  We all assumed a bug bite, maybe a spider bite?  We kept watching it, and trying neosporin and benedryl.  Well over the last few days it has gotten worse, spreading into the second finger and getting redder and some purple.  So yesterday I took him to the doctor.  She did some blood work and he goes back next Tuesday.

So far, all we know is that it is not a bacterial infection or spider bite.  It may be lymes disease or something else.  She said some of the blood tests take 48 hours to get back so we really won't know for a few days.  The immediate CBC showed low white blood cell count, low enough that they redid the count manually. . .not sure what that means.  But it has me just a little bit stressed out.  A momma always worries.   His birthday is tomorrow - my baby, the youngest of them all will be 17 years old tomorrow.  Wow I'm old!


Boy those birds look peaceful.  Maybe I just need to be a bird for a while.  I've had slooow internet, and did I mention motivation issues, bad hand kid, too much to do and not enough time to do itheadaches, taxes, chaos in my life, the last few days so I'm really behind in making my rounds, but trust me, I'm coming asap.  Does it count as complaining is I strick it out?


Some days I would love to fly away.


Maybe find somewhere peaceful to hole up for a bit and rejuvenate.  So, what is it that you do to conquer the blahs, lack of motivation, chaos, overwhelmedness, life?  Can you share your secrets?


  1. Sending good vibes your way.

    Mostly when I'm stressed I work outside. Seems like it doesn't last long when I'm puttering.

  2. I hope your son is okay. I thought for sure it would be a spider bite. Keep us updated! I will be sending healing vibes his way. When I am stressed out and it is a nice day, I grab the camera and go for a hike!

  3. 1. Hope they find out what is wrong with your son & fix it FAST!!
    2. Beautiful photos!!!!...LOVE them ALL:)
    3. Stressed out?...I LOVE putting in one of my favorite movies to escape into. Of course, a small glass of wine never hurts!
    4. Hang in there, but most important & why I listed as #1 - hope your son is O.K. & please wish him a Happy Birthday:)

  4. Wow, his hand looks really painful. I hope they figure it out soon. Love the bird photos - they're making me miss our Georgia yard. When I'm feeling overwhelmed and stressed, I cut back and lounge around for a day -- or go birding. That always makes me feel calmer. :)

    I recently went to a workshop on narrowing your goals and they had us do an interesting exercise - write down your activities, then rate them in two categories (how often you do it, and how much you enjoy it) - then review the list and see what things you like to do that you're not doing enough, and what things you're doing and don't like and then see if that helps you prioritize all the things you're trying to take on...

  5. I hope his hand gets better soon - that looks really painful. And Happy early Birthday to him as well!

    When I get the blahs I go outside. A day at the beach works wonders for my soul but just puttering around in the yard or reading a book in a comfy chair outside usually does the trick too. Good luck!

  6. watching the birds and animals prepare their nests for the season, holding a baby, smelling flowers, feeling accomplished. if you want motivation to clean, pretend someone (VIP) is coming over in an hour. You have other things to do, but take 5 minutes to wipe down the most obvious places (tidy up living room, clean bathrooms)...once those are done, keep going, until you either run out of breath or the VIP 'arrives'--you'd be amazed what you could get done in an hour. Just swiping the bathrooms and running the vacuum does a lot for a place.

    Also? Institute the 'never leave a room empty handed' rule for EVERYONE! If you leave a room, look around and take out one thing that doesnt belong there and put it in the dishwasher, laundry room, kids room, etc. I try and do that during the day and make up for what my hubby fails to do himself. If he does it, it makes our apartment look livable. Everyone on board and you'll never have to worry about it being messy again!

  7. Hi Lisa-
    I completely am with you on the chaos thing. And the stressed out thing. Best thing I did for myself was invest in a Massage of the Month club with a local (Stevens Point) massage therapist. I am a junkie and have had massages all over the place...but this guy? He is the best. Hands down (pun intended). And his prices? Can't be beat. So I have all these hours to use and wouldn't you know it? I have been far too busy with this thing we call life to actually use them. I need to get back to that as a priority. Oh, and just going away sounds like a good plan, even if it were to check myself into the Victorian Swan B&B for a night. That sounds like a the bird pictures and I hope the diagnosis on the hand comes back soon! Enjoy the day! Erin

  8. Happy Birthday to your baby!

    I hope the test results aren't too scary. Looks painful.

    Enjoy the warmth and sunshine today! :)

  9. Ick on the hand! But big smiles when I realized the old boot is a bird house. That's lovely!

  10. If you watch a film of a girl on a swing and a bouquet of flowers suddenly coalesces in her hands, you know that the entropy (a measure of chaos) of the system is wrong, and that you have been watching the film backwards. Hope Haden is ok.

  11. My sister's son has a hand that looks like that...just one finger for him though and not so red. They went to CHildren's Mercy and she was told he had a staph infection...Not sure if that is helpful or not. Good thing are getting the bad days out of the good ones should be coming! Tell your son happy birthday...mine is Saturday...although I will be a TAD older than 17. (By a good 15 years :) ).

  12. I hope Haden's swollen hand thing/problem is sorted out soon. The weight loss, ah yes, when it slows it's a bummer. Mine has not slowed it has changed direction ... that's a real bummer. Oh, on the lack of motivation, dealing with chaos, overwhelmedness front? I do what I HAVE to do. Not what I think I have to do, just what I have to do. Then I go to bed with sh*t-lit and read fluffy bad books endlessly until I feel I can face things again. Usually when I'm feeling like that I'm tired and that's why I'm not coping. The resting makes a big difference.

    Feel better

  13. Yikes, sending good thoughts (and some healing lotion) your way. My only cure for the blahs is to get out of the house and explore (which is increasingly harder these days). :)

  14. I don't know what I do when I've got the blah's? It depends. But when I'm really down, nothing seems to work but go to bed early. The next day, there always seems to be another day, funny but it's true?

  15. I don't have advice. But I get really down when the sky is gray and especially in winter. I just try to immerse myself in...anything...until it passes.

    Hope you feel up soon. (hugs)

  16. Not that I am any kind of medical person, but I was thinking Lymes Disease before you mentioned it. Hopefully the blood work will tell what is wrong with his hand.

    If you are old, I am older. My youngest is now 27 years old.

    Know the rut, I seem to be there with you. Not sure why, sure shouldn't be in one right now. Waiting on 2nd grandbaby to be born. Have been asking myself for a couple of days "Why are you in this LOW mood?" Hopefully we will both come out of it.

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  17. That hand looks very sore. Hope they figure out whats wrong. Love the photo's.

  18. Unforntunately, when I'm having stress or boredom, I usually end up eating something I shouldn't! But when the weather is nice, working in my garden takes my mind off things. Also a nice bike ride. But the weather is not quite there yet. I love your photos, especially the on eof the berries! Hope your son's hand gets better soon. That certainly looks nasty.
    Hope you're out of your funk soon!

  19. Hi Lisa, I know your son will recover soon. The waiting part is always the most challenging. For stress, I try to stop thinking about what I should be doing - what I haven't done - what I will do - what will he say - what will she not say. Breathing deeply and slowly helps calm our nervous systems. Try to allow yourself space to breathe deeply without thinking (mind noise) and know that whatever the thoughts are that's feeding your emotions and vice versa causing stress, are simply thoughts. They have no power over you or any of your current situations... With acceptance comes peace. Know that from the core of who you are..

    I send positive energy, peace, love and support. I send with all that I am!

  20. P.S. I love the way you tell a story through your photos!

  21. Oh gosh - I hope Haden is OK! That looks painful. Now, about the funk...I don't have too many ideas, sorry to say. I do find that my animals help a lot. A birdy or kitty snuggle does wonders. And your birdy pics are wonderful!

  22. sometimes, when i have a lot of things to do, just thinking about them makes me already tired and i end up doing nothing:)... so, maybe you can just try thinking of one thing at a time... and do something you like, like taking wonderful photos like these (i'm torn between the cherries and the bird-about-to-fly... i feel like i could amost touch them!)...i know, it sounds selfish because i'm the one benefiting from it... but your photos never fails to cheer me up...

    i'm so sorry to hear about Haden... i hope it isn't something really serious... for a mother, i guess the best birthday wish you'll want for your son is for him not to be sick from whatever it is that bit him...

    have a stress-free weekend!

  23. #1, I hope your son is ok, let us know as soon as you find out the lab results. I can just imagine your worry on this front.

    #2, when I have lack of motivation and the blahs (like I just did for the last 2 days), I don't do much to fight it. I know it will run its course and usually be gone in a few days. I think I blame hormones (or lack of them) most of the time. Yesterday I crawled back in bed after I did animal duty, and slept til 10:30! That's unheard of for me. Then I seemed to be a bump on a log the rest of the day, and back in bed early last night. Sometimes you just have to listen to your body, it may be just what you need. I'm perking up tonight, so tomorrow I should be back to normal (I hope!)

    I was so blah, I didn't even feel like blogging the last few days -- I put up a few posts, but I didn't feel like looking at everyone else's blog or commenting. That also is unlike me!!

    Now, back to your blog (and I know I didn't help one iota with any recommendations to conquer the blahs).... I love your berry photo, and the birds (all of them!) and the boot photo at the end. Such absolutely beautiful photos! Hope you're getting your mojo back today, and have a wonderful weekend! :)

  24. I hope everything's alright with Haden now, wishing him speedy recovery!

  25. I hope Hayden's situation clears up. Those are wonderful photos.

  26. OK - first of all - my thoughts and prayers are with you and your son... please keep us updated!
    When we moved here, Hubs got bit by a Brown Recluse spider... TWICE! UGH

    Second... that last pic - is that a boot bird feeder? Is that yours? That is SO freaking COOL!!! I totally want one!