Saturday, April 11, 2009

We conquered the circle

First, before anything else, I have to tell you that all the photos in this post were taken with my little point and shoot and I am not happy, at all, with the quality, but I did not feel like lugging the huge camera along. You’ve been warned.


We had this brilliant idea to travel the Green Circle Trail yesterday. Last year we only got our bikes out one day and it rained on us. So we decided that we would conquer all 30 miles of the trail. Sounds simple enough, right? This was about mile 6, and that’s Haden back there. I shot this without looking, just held the camera over my shoulder while I was pedaling away. So that might have something to do with the quality? . . .Nah.


We’re about 7.5 miles on our journey here, and I had to stop and go back to snap the fire hydrant. It had us shaking our heads. There’s a river to our right and woods to our left and well, a fire hydrant. What the heck?


There were little patches of snow in the trail and well mud and bike wheels, well you know where the mud ends up. We came home looking like we’d pooped our pants, lol.


Have you seen the movie, “Yes Man”? We laughed so hard about the running and photography combo. Let me say that it inspired me to snap while riding today and while it was fun, I don’t think it was very good, probably not even average.  But this photo makes me laugh because you can't see Haden's bike and it looks like he's a mime. :)


That hill doesn’t look as big from the top as it did while I was trying to pedal up it.


About halfway there - 15 miles.


Mile 26 - We had a truly great day! It was 54 degrees, sunny, and nice! But by this point in the trail we were ready to be home, our bums hurt - and still do. We never thought we’d ride the entire trail, but now we’re thinking we’ll do it every week or two.


Then we’ll sleep like babies.


It was a much nicer day than about a week ago when we went caching. Just look at the snow - can’t you tell it was cold? I did cross the log with Dennis the day before, but this particular day I decided to just wait until he came back.


And take a self portrait.


And some cool fungus.

HAPPY EASTER!! And Mom, if you read this - HAPPY BIRTHDAY!  Eat some cake for me. :)


  1. Oh, a bike trail, one of my favorite things, and it really looks like a good one. Melting snow really gets the juices running for wanting to be outside. It looks like a beautiful day travelin' local......................:)

  2. Cool shots...we saw Yes Man too & I was also inspired to try to shoot while walking at the Fort Worth Zoo...the result...a whole lotta deleted photos! Looks like quite a journey & a whole bunch of family fun:) Happy Easter!

  3. Great pics! Love the miming one. Too darn funny :0) Wow. Thrity miles? Way too much for me. We went about 12 last time we went and I was toast. I guess I have some work to do.

  4. That looks like a marvelous place to ride bikes! I love all the tall trees. That picture that turned out looking like a mime without a bike is funny!

  5. Happy Easter !!!

    Love the shadow photos...I love shadows.

  6. I was feeling the burn just following the photos. Can say I blame you for not wanting to lug the 50D. Not only would it be a trifle heavy, but how to carry it?

  7. You gotta love brilliant ideas. Happy Easter.

  8. I LOL'd at the mime statement.

  9. I admire you ... I've been a lazy slug this weekend.

  10. Happy Easter, Lisa!
    The photos are fine, hey you know that's all I have to shoot with.
    30 miles, really? Even when I was in biking shape that was a lot.
    It looks like a good trail, but still hat and glove weather for that kind of trek, no?

  11. That looks like so much fun!

    Happy Easter!


  12. Reminds me of a bike trail back home in Ohio that I frequented the summer of '06 and '07 and I usually did about 26 miles or so. And yes, if it was a little early in the season, I came home with mud splattered all over my back, and around my feet! But it was always such a good feeling, those rides...

    Wonderful post, made me reminisce, and good for you!!! :-)

  13. cool bridge!!! great photos..

  14. do tell.. find out about that fire hydrant. (maybe it's just deco for the dogs?)

  15. what a great bike ride!! 30 miles is awesome!! great job!!

  16. 30 miles? I don't think I'll even last a mile.....wait a sec , I can't even cycle, won't even last a mile! lol
    Better you than me, at least I got to see some nice scenery here.

  17. I could NOT do this. Bad back - bad knee -

    Still - it looks absolutely lovely. What a fantastic adventure for the day.

  18. Your photos are still better than mine!

    I can't wait for everything to green up.

  19. Holy cow! Yup...I am feeling just about pathetic at this point!
    I talk about how much I am going to get out and do but now I found an easier way.
    I will visit here and consider you Get up and Wents...yup that will work!

  20. Great selection of pics. We just watched "Yes Man" over the weekend, cute movie and the running photo class was so funny!

  21. That looks like a wonderful place to cycle. I love your family adventures, Lisa. And the baby looks like a little dream.

  22. That last photo is actually lichen - a symbiont organism that is fungus and algae. Not sure of the exact species, but usually when you see a scaly outgrowth on a tree like that it's lichen. comes in all kinds of pretty colors and varieties.
    here's a place to start

  23. Hats off to you!!! I couldn't have done it.

  24. cycling for 30 miles is a great feat! congratulations! don't worry too much about the quality of the photos! they're still great and you were still able to capture the "emotions" of the day... well, i wouldn't try also try crossing that snow-covered log --- not only is it tricky to find a firm footing, i don't think i would like to take a dip in that chilly river!...

    belated happy easter to you and your family and belated happy birthday to your mom!... by the way, love the fungus shot!