Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Baby Blues


Saturday we went to Britney & Nick’s for some pizza and of course I toted the camera along.


Adrianna was bright eyed and bushy tailed. . .and apparently, teething.


She has the cutest, tiny toes. She went for a check up a few days ago and while she’s in the 25-50 percentile in most things, she’s only in the 10 percentile in weight. So she gets to start cereal and see the doctor again next month. (Speaking of doctors, Haden’s blood work all came back normal, except the low white blood cells. So, the doctor took more blood to check for gout or rheumatoid arthritis. Will let you know, when I know)


Lately, Tristan is too active to catch in photos. If he sees the camera he runs even faster. I can only catch the back of his head while he’s kissing his sister.


“What?!? We’re outta milk?!”


“It’s ok, I’ll just play with grandma.”


She’s four months old now and getting very interactive.


Ok, I know I’m overwhelming you on Addy, but I just couldn’t choose. I was going to show you some swans today, but I’ll do that later. She’s just too cute to keep to myself.


So many expressions!


She has her mama’s eyes.


The yellow in the background is my shirt, she was sitting on my lap while PaPaw tried to catch her feet. The thing is, this little girl loves sparkles and when mama put those rings on her toes she started wiggling the toes and trying to grab the diamond with her other foot.


Brother didn’t take this toy. Yay! I think it’s neat that Addy has blue eyes and dark hair and Twister has hazel eyes and blonde hair.


Baby Blue eyes.


“See ya next time!”


  1. Be still my heart. She is so sweet. I love the toe pictures with the rings. I just want to nibble those toes! I miss Ladybug being that small! I don't miss diaper duty though!

  2. Wow, those eyes in the penultimate shot are just incredible. I love those eyes (kinda blue, ya think)!

  3. What beautiful eyes. She sure is an alert little pup.

  4. Just too cute. But I'm just as glad mine aren't at that stage anymore. I am WAY too old to have the energy they require.

  5. 0Oooohh my Lisa!!!
    I want to be a grandmother too!!!!
    Awww, love those little toes!

  6. Oh that face and oh those eyes! I can't imagine how much fun she is right now, I can just feel her personality.

  7. Awwwwwwwwwww!! Love those toes!!

  8. Oh my gosh! Those are MARVELOUS blue eyes and she's adorable. You, my dear, are utterly amazing as always.
    Hugs and blessings,

  9. She is SO adorable! Love those blue, blue eyes and her little feet!

  10. she's a poser. watch out!!!

    don't ya just wanna kiss dos toes.

  11. You did get lots of great photos. I like feet photos too, really like the one with the rings.

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    Leedra’s Greeting Cards

    Photography By Leedra

  12. So much better than snappy flappy swans. The wedding ring photo is priceless! And good girl going for the sparklies .... this made me smile, thanks lisa!

  13. beautiful eyes! the rings on the toes is soooo funny/cute.

  14. she is gorgeous!! I can't believe how big she is getting. I am out of the loop w/Haden, I will try and find the original post...please keep us posted though!!

  15. she's so bi gnow - and those toes - I want some baby toes in my house!

  16. Oh, too cute! love the new age toe rings!! She is absolutely beautiful and adorable!

  17. Such a beautiful, tiny baby girl with amazing blues!

  18. Oh my! How do you stand all that cuteness??? She is adorable! Just like her brother!

  19. She is just so adorable. I love the little toes; I noticed them first off. T was 25th percentile for height and 10 for weight his whole life. At 15 I am not sure if he still is, but he does seem to be. At this age being a boy working a physical job, he spends his time trying to bulk up on his own, eating lots and working to build muscle. My girls were bigger, 2 at 50 percentile for both and one at 75 for height and 50 for weight. The parents seemed to overcome that ;-) .

    As for the expressions, Adrianna does have many and the neat thing is, she will have the same ones when she is older and every once in a while, one will look like when she was a baby. It is so cool to see over the years.

  20. Oh, she is so cute. I so wish there had been digital photography around when my kids were babies. Well, I guess I'll just have to wait for grandchildren to come around. (PS If any of my kids read this, I'm not in any hurry for that to happen..............................:)

  21. Just getting caught up on your blog .... this is the post I wanted to comment on (I really DON"T need to win Jellie Bellies ... I must say that). I love love love the feet photos! I love baby feet and these were just so adorable! Love them! ; )

  22. She's so adorablee! I just want to hug and squeeze her!

  23. Oh my goodness she is just a doll!!! That pout-y one totally got me and I love her tootsie ones!! I can tell I wont be able to handle her cuteness just like I couldn't handle Tristan's!!