Saturday, November 22, 2008

Princess for an evening


Angel on My Shoulder, along with Golden Eagle Log Homes, hosted a wine event and there were so many details to capture and share.





A couple of raccoons carved into the railings.



A version of the house carved into its own mantle.


Plenty of beer.


And pretzels.


Wine for all.




Magnificent views!




Amazing surprises sculpted into the walls.


Silly seductive celebrities. Stephanie Klett, with Discover Wisconsin, is such a hoot!


Now, what would you make with a whole bunch of corks?  No seriously, an ideas?

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  1. Such a pretty place! I could curl up next to that window with a good book and be content. A couple glasses of wine wouldn't hurt either.

  2. Nice shots! I think indoor shots are so difficult to get right...but you did.

  3. You capture the details so beautifully! I love the angel, the woodwork, the wine, the prezels,the wine, the corks, the wine....Beautiful.

  4. So pretty! It reminds me of a house that is near my father in law's cabin in Western Maryland. We would die to live there. I love the mantel and the raccoons! Thanks for sharing with us!

  5. So pretty! It reminds me of a house that is near my father in law's cabin in Western Maryland. We would die to live there. I love the mantel and the raccoons! Thanks for sharing with us! Oh, and BTW, my postcards are finally here! I posted about them today ;0)

  6. Great post. I love that wall, you're giving me ideas. Of course, I'm full of ideas, but no space to do them.
    What to do with the corks - this is what Californians do, make a trivet!.

  7. Just beautiful and you captured it perfectly as usual

  8. what a beautiful place and lovely setting. i really like the woodwork, and the mantle carving is awesome. thanks for sharing your delightful evening with us.

  9. I love how you can make the most common things look like works of art! You are amazing...

    My sister makes wreaths out of wine corks. She adds a little bunch of fake grapes to dangle from it. I think they are pretty cool and have one hanging in my kitchen. I'll try to take a picture of it and stick it on my blog for you to take a look at.

  10. Beautiful pics and a beautiful setting! About the corks - my husband is an avid collector of wine corks. After quite a few years, he has amasssed quite the collection. Whenever time allows, we're planning to make cork boards for family and friends. You can get a cork board kit that comes with glue and assembly instructions...we have 3 kits just waiting for us to add the corks!

  11. What a lovely place! It looks like a great time - and your photography is outta this world as always! I save corks from special ocassions (write the date and ocassion on the cork), have them displayed in some of the little squares of my shadow boxes - I have no suggestions for a whole bunch of them. I'm interested to see what ideas others come up with.

  12. Oh, lovely.
    I bet you had a great time!
    What to do with corks?
    Stick figures for the Christmas tree?

  13. I love that house. Any idea how to buy it for us??? The mantle is really neat. I have been in a few log homes but wow, what detail. The view is wonderful as well. If I had that house a few weeks ago, the 14 days homebound would have been so much easier.

    Wonderful pictures.

  14. I could so totally fall in love with that house! And your photos are so yummy --- I'm thinking wine and cheese in front of a warm fire about now! As for the corks: I get home decorating catalogs (leftover junk mail from our move) and recently I've seen framed wall decor featuring corks laid out in an attractive arrangement. They are really pretty. Then there is the wine shop in old town Charlottesville, VA that used wine corks to fill their front display window --- I'll post that picture for ya!

  15. The Racoons carved into the railings are fun.

  16. Like someone else is amazing to me how you can take an ordinary a bowl of pretzels....and make it look FABULOUS! My favorite is the mantel of that place. I really love log homes!! I hear they do have problems with ants though...

  17. Wow, you sure captured it!

    I love the carvings!

  18. I LOVE IT!!! I love log cabins! The views from the inside are just gorgeous! I just love love your photos! I'm with Swamp Angel, I love the way you turn everyday normal things into something beautiful/art.

  19. Those views are amazing! My favorite parts of this post are the carved mantel. HOW COOL! And I really like that tree on the wall. That's something I think I would like to do in my house. It looks like you had a very magical evening!