Monday, November 3, 2008

Forest Art Wisconsin

Forest Art Wisconsin Native/Invasive (FAW) is a place we have been wanting to get to for quite some time. Well, we finally made there last month and we walked the 1.5 mile Raven Trail to see what displays were left. If you’re interested in where in the Northwoods it’s located, here’s a map. The artists are from USA, Germany, Scotland, and Finland, if you would like to know the thoughts behind their creations you can find all that on the artists’ page.


Since there are no signs pointing to the correct place for the art we looked at a couple of different parking lots and a couple of different trail maps before we decided on a place to park. Yes, we had looked at the map I linked to above, but we didn’t print it to take with.


Luckily, we did remember the name of the trail was Raven, but the lack of signage really had us wondering if it would be a wasted walk. Well, no time in the woods is wasted but we wanted to see art. We had barely started on the path when we were greeted by these logs full of carvings and we knew we were on the right path.


Yes I know the lighting was the best that day. But guess what, it took us well over a year to even make it up there so I took photos anyways. Shortly after we left the woods, it rained and hailed like crazy!

This little noisy red squirrel made a spectacle of himself and although I had a wide lens on, instead of the huge honkin one, I snapped his photo anyway.


I think he wanted to be a piece of art.


I wonder how long it took to build this nest. Let’s get a little closer.


It is huge! I did climb inside and there was still plenty of room for at least 7 more adults to sit comfortably with me.


Inside the nest. I’m guessing the rocks are supposed to represent eggs?


Dennis tried to create some art of his own while we were there. We call this ‘Shaded Shades’.


There was a little bog with some Pitcher Plants.



But of course the blooms are past their prime.


A monstrous web. I don’t want to see the spider that made it!




More to come.


  1. I like that wooden spider web thingy, whoever did that must really be very creative!

  2. Interesting place! and great photos. Are you familiar with Andy Goldsworthy's work? Amazing stuff.

  3. You guys take THE coolest little side trips!! I LOVE this place and would like to go visit.....someday! Isn't it amazing how big some of those nests are? Terrific pics, Lisa!!

  4. Lisa,
    Art and nature sure do work together in this place. Wonderful stuff here. The carving is amazing, and the mesh sculpture made me think of the horse I posted last week. All grand stuff.

  5. What a cool place!! That would be a fun walk... good thing you finally made it there! :) That nest and web are pretty interesting too!

  6. Very interesting place...especially with a camera!

  7. what a delightful and interesting trip. i can't wait to see more!

  8. Wow! What a neat place! And I read your original Fun Monday post - brilliant! I could've written that. In my case, it would've been "A stranger might learn my pets' names! Or they might think I'm boring! Horrors!!" Hee! I am SO glad you went public with your blog!

  9. Tiaras & TantrumsNovember 4, 2008 at 3:38 AM

    VERy COOL shots!!!!!!!

  10. Neato pieces of art! My favorite is the spider web.

  11. That is such a cool place. who would of thought you could walk into the woods and enjoy that. I can't imagine the nest. THat seems like a huge place to lay some eggs. I'm with you on the web, I wouldn't want to see the the creature that made it either.

  12. I love these photos - what a neat place!

  13. You go to the most interesting places I have ever seen!!

  14. I enjoyed the guided illustrated tour of FAW. Thanks for sharing.
    Hugs and blessings,

  15. I am really loving this forest art.....that 'web' is AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!