Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Homemade Cards


Can you tell that I’ve been busy? I have all of our Christmas cards made. This is the first time I’ve made our Christmas cards. Heck, this year I made my first cards ever and since I’m kinda busy trying to get ready for an impromptu visit to Missouri I thought I’d just show you these today.

I made three different cards, for a total of close to 60.




The trees are all iris-folded and have little rhinestone toppers, the snowflakes are embossed (my first attempt at embossing) and the last tree has little bead garland.


Halloween outside and. . .




Here’s the card I made for Thanksgiving. It was actually fun. I used glaze on the leaves along with some glitter and tiny beads. After the glaze dried I popped the leaves in the freezer for about 10 minutes then cracked them to make veining.


A fall iris-folded leaf card.


A simple thank you card. It’s hard to see in the photo but there’s light green glitter tulle on the front.


The card I made for Marissa when Cole was born. The baby says ‘ta-da’.


For my parents’ anniversary.


Because I’m a chemo angel and send a card weekly to my ‘buddy’ I have many cards that are just kind of thinking of you cards. The one above is one of those, as are the ones below.




And then the birthday cards:






Don't forget the giveaways. :)\

You can find some instructions for Iris Folded cards here - (and some free patterns, I used this leaf pattern) it's the place I used when I first saw one and wanted to learn.  They are really pretty simple.


  1. OMG! Lisa!!! These cards ROCK!!! Holy Cow, girl, you been B U S Y!!! Very, very well done!!! I love 'em!!! They must have taken you forever to do!!! I'm still working on mine...

  2. I'm back for another peak at your blog. And wow .. you are so creative! Lovely cards. The xmas trees are real nice. :)
    Have a great day.

  3. Holy...gee...good lord!! You are incredibly talented. Beautiful work!!

  4. Check you out! Those are great... you'll be opening an Etsy shop right?!

    Love ya, have a great day!

  5. Those are REALLY great! At first I thought I was going to see some good but typical computer generated cards...but no! You are so, so talented to have made these! They're boutique shop material :-) I am SO impressed!

  6. Oh, you are a crafty wench!!!! Lisa, these are absolutely gorgeous!!!! How do you come up with this stuff? I stand in awe...

  7. Those are beautiful! They really show the time and creativity that you put into them. So not only are you an incredible photographer - you're crafty too! Some people have all the luck LOL

  8. Your cards are as great as your photo's. I love them all.

  9. I must say, I am impressed! Those are really wonderful! Wow!

  10. Absolutely incredible. They deserve a "Special Cards For Special People" tagline.

  11. As a recipient of one of your cards, I know how fabulous they are. I can't believe you made all of your Christmas cards. That's wonderful.

    I have a surprise for you on my bog.

  12. NICE, those are gorgeous, Lisa!!

    I don't know if you've been by, but I'm hosting a Handmade gift exchange as well as giving away 10 pair of Lee Jeans (to ten different people. Just to be clear!) -- stop by when you get a chance! :D

  13. Great cards. I say I want to do that, but I'll get caught up. Very pretty and creative. I love them all. Where are you headed in Missouri? Will you be in my neck of the woods? St. Louis? Drop me a comment on my page if you do.

    Safe travels.

  14. Wow these are just absolutely darling! You do such a good job!!

  15. I love every single one, Lisa!!! Great talent you have girlfriend!

  16. No way! These are gorgeous. Are you going to offer step by step tutorials?

  17. I am totally stealing your xmas card idea...just as soon as I find out what an iris fold is. I absolutely LOVE those cards and since my brain is fried at the moment, I'm stealing it. Is that okay? Hope so.

  18. I am drooling..............Those are SO AWESOME! You are so very talented! Those are the most beautiful cards I have ever seen. I am so impressed that you made so many for Christmas. Your recipients are going to feel oh so special.

    I thought you weren't going to be in Missouri until Feb? Everything okay?

  19. Okay, last year when I held my handmade card swap, I think you said you weren't sure you were ready to swap your cards yet. If that had anything to do with creativity and design, you're definitely ready. These are great!

  20. I just love the handmade cards. To me, that is so much more personal than going to the store and buying one. Very nice.

    Did I read right? You are coming to Missouri? If so what part? I actually live in a sub of Kansas City.

  21. BTW, I've passed on an award to you. *hugs*

  22. Holy Crap! I need to show my wife these, she would flip out. She's been looking at doing this for Christmas.

  23. Hey , girl, now you've been holding out on me!! You make cards, too --- even the iris folds, one of my favorites!! I would love to have you join with me and other card-making bloggers. Come browse through the list of talented papercrafters I have listed on Made For Keeps. You'll fit right in!

  24. Hi Lisa,
    These cards are awesome! What a great job! You are so talented :-)
    Sorry I'm getting behind - love the photos from the park and the birds in the last entry are just unbelievable!!!

  25. Durung my nightly paper crafters blurfing I found this site for free iris folding patterns.

  26. those are spectacular!! You are very talented.

  27. What a great idea, I never saw that technique before, but my fingers itch to give it a try!
    And your cards are so beautiful, you are so talented!!

  28. These are incredible! What a wonderful talent you have!

  29. these cards are BEAUTIFUL... i can understand how busy you must have been... the details and the design not only show creativity but also patience and dexterity :)

  30. ooooohhhhhh those cards are just LOVELY!!! Beautiful photos, beautiful are super talented!!!

  31. Absolutely beautiful those cards are. You have great talent (wish I did!)