Thursday, November 27, 2008

Lucky Loser

HAPPY THANKSGIVING – Hope you all had a wonderful day filled with family and food.

Did you hear the angels singing earlier? Well I was rejoicing with them!

3 days ago, while in Missouri, my computer crashed. It was not a soft little fall to the ground, oh no, it was a full fledged push-my-buttons-all-you-want-I'm-still-not-going-to-do-anything crash! Surprisingly, I did not cry, I did not throw a fit, I did sulk.

I was surprised to find that my computer losing all of my information – all of the important little tidbits I share with it – made me feel like. . .well, like a Loser. My self esteem crashed along with my laptop. But I held, deep inside, a tiny little crumb sized morsel of hope. I had (I was sure) a start-up disc at home (Have you made yours? Can I recommend doing so?). So I packed my beloved friend away and awaited our return trip.

Shortly after getting home last night – so shortly that I was still wearing my coat and stepped right past my dogs without even a 'hello' – I dug out the disc and waited with fingers crossed and baited breath for my magnificent husband to fix my world. I quietly held my breath as he inserted the disc, and after I woke back up from passing out, I found my beloved laptop was still dead.

I grabbed the paperwork that came with the computer and was excited to see that the recovery disc was right there ready to be of service. Dennis warned me that it would most likely erase everything from my friend's memory if we used it and that it might not fix the problem.

I was on board to try it as the last resort, but only after we tried everything else. Luckily, I had recently backed up my photos so I was only going to lose a month's worth of photos. But wiping the hard drive meant I would lose everything, every photo, every program, everything! My heart cried NO! We did call Gateway and found out that the warranty expired 2 days before the fatal crash – just my fricking luck!

The recovery disc was our final option and the one that worked! Dennis got my computer back up and running and I have been spending every free moment trying to get things back on it and where they need to be. We got a hard drive case and put my hard drive in it, attached it to Dennis' computer and copied all my photos and such onto an external hard drive before Dennis put it back in my computer and made my computer breath again.

I have just a few minor issues now and some of them will be worked out over the next few days as I reinstall my programs and try to bring my friend out of his amnesiac state. The one thing I worry about is that I may have missed an important email. So, if you have tried to get my attention and have been ignored please know that I am not slighting you, I probably didn't see it, so please forgive me and try again.

Last chance to enter the book and tadpole/whale/sperm/melting marshmallow things. Winners announced tomorrow evening.


  1. Ouch! I'm so sorry about your computer - especially the loss of photos, that's the worst ::shudder::! Glad you go it running again! Another thing for the "Thankful list!"

  2. it's wonderful to have a hubby that can fix things! glad you didn't lose everything.

  3. that's a shame! but i'm glad you were able to recover most of what you've lost whew!...

  4. Oh dear! And how terrible to have it happen while you were away from home, and couldn't do anything about it. I am glad you didn't lose everything, but I'm sorry to hear this happened. Glad you are back!!

  5. Ohmygosh! I'm relieved for you because I've been there and had this happen twice in my experience and each time I've had to rebuild it from scratch, so you were fortunate indeed. Keep singing with those angels and they'll probably stick around ;--)

    I'd added the link to my new WordPress blog because that's where today's Haiku Sky Watch is.
    Hugs and blessings,

  6. Oh my! I'm so sorry this happened to you!!! I know exactly how you feel, my computer knows and contains EVERYTHING. I don't even know my passwords and logins, most are all auto saved. Pictures! You say only a month but for you that could be a TON of pictures!!! I am so sorry. I hope you and your computer recover quickly! I am going to back up my pictures NOW! XO