Monday, November 10, 2008

Bird Blessings

To keep in practice, or maybe because I just like to, I have been snapping photos of birds in our own yard and the woods across form our house when I am home all day. Sometimes you just need a break from laundry, dishes, or even blogging and scrap booking. :0)


Not sure what this guy is, but he looked so cute in the bush of berries I snapped anyway.


I think this is a sad looking Bluebird, but I could be wrong.


We have so many Downy Woodpeckers lately, it’s just amazing. We still have on Hairy Woodpecker too but he’s more shy, kinda like the Red-bellied, they just like to stay out range of me. Dang them!


Ever since I started bird watching I had been wanting to see a Cedar Waxwing and this year I was lucky enough to see several. First I saw them in Wisconsin Rapids, then in an Iowa rest area and then, to my surprise, in the woods across from my house.


I really enjoyed watching them, even if they would pose for me to get some awesome shots. Only mediocre ones.


Bygones, maybe next year they will be more cooperative.


Not sure what this one is, but I still feel blessed to have had about 10 of them migrate through this fall.


Another view of the mysterious bird.


Even simple Sparrows make me happy.


This Sparrow looked different than the ones I’m used to seeing. I think it’s a White-throated Sparrow, but he didn’t stick around long.


Clueless, just not sure, but it’s a pretty little thing, no?


The word kinglet comes to mind but really don’t know what it is.


Some birds venture near this nest (bottom) in the tall pine next to our driveway. The nest has appeared to be empty and abandoned since we’ve lived here, although one of the new squirrel babies worked a little on it for about a week. But it appears empty, unless, maybe, just possibly, the flying squirrel lives there now?


  1. Lisa-

    Glad to see you are still taking photos! I ran across you last year with NaBloPoMo and started and folded Beauty on the Weblog. You! are one of the reasons I really started getting into photography. These are beautiful and capture such nice tranquil moments!


  2. Fantastic photos! I personally have always loved sparrows..they always seem to exude a sort of chipper, can-do attitude.

  3. Curious, pretty birdies!
    Makes me wanna go and "shoot" some too :D

  4. The waxwing is so pretty! I love the little stripe of yellow on the back of his tail.

  5. Goodness, I meant to say on the end of his tail. I guess I should have a full cup of coffee before I start typing. :)

  6. How lucky you are to have birds still around to photograph! We see some bluebirds down on the fence, but not much else these days.

  7. i so agree with what you said.. love the bird shots! especially the 2nd one. :)

  8. these are great! even the cedar waxwing...looks like he was cooperating to me. lol i've always loved birds and have tried photographing them before...they just do not sit still long enough for me!!!

  9. Lisa - I think your bird pics are my very favorites. I do feel sad for Mr. Bluebird...looks like he's having some feather issues :-( Thank you for the lovely pics!

  10. That one bird is definitely a Kinglet - but the other ones are probably warblers of some type. My mom would know for sure, of course.

    I was out raking leaves the other day and stopped to take a break. I was kind of leaning on the rake when suddenly felt this rush of wind by my ear.... some sort of sparrow was trying to land on either my head or the rake. Scared the bejeebus out of me, but as soon as I saw what it was, I laughed - and was amazed.

  11. These are so cool! I know nothing about birds, but sometimes wish I could at least name a few beyond the "crow" and "sea gull"!

  12. The title of your post says it all Lisa. You really are blessed to have these lovely creatures in your yard - and so much variety as well.

    I love birds. And I love listening to them. When they return in the spring with their happy sounds - life just seems better.

  13. What great shots. It is almost like you are sitting right there in the tree branch with them.

  14. I think you need to shoot for National Geographic.

    That's what I says.

  15. I love the unidentified upside down one!!
    You are so lucky, your garden must be a little piece of paradise!

  16. It takes a lot of patience to capture photos of birds......kudos to you....especially for taking such lovely photos!

  17. I love all your bird shots. We get many at different times of the years. Now the Junco's have arrived.

  18. WOW! I can't imagine how much patience you had in order to get these shots! Absolutely beautiful.

  19. Awesome bird photos. There is something fascinating about birds and the many varieties of them.

  20. yes. a ruby crowned kinglet
    The yellow one is a warbler, I think. My first thought is a cape may. We were out birding several weeks ago and our leader said there was a cape may --looked like that --- but it was a wilsons warbler.
    Check out the cape may in fall plumage and see what you find.???

    The one you think is a sparrow -- from this vantage point I'm guessing a female black headed grosbeak.
    I have a difficult time with sparrows. Some of them look so much alike --
    I go birding with people that can tell what they are by their song. But I have to look at them, and even when I look at most birds I still often am not sure.

    So, take what I say with a grain of ... bird seed. hee hee

  21. ps. the grosbeak is the one looking away from us. It is a sparrow in the other photo above it.

  22. The warbler looks like a yellow warbler and the kinglet a ruby crowned...almost positive...great photos...I LOVE the cedar waxwings :)

    The Egel Nest

  23. Great Bird shots Lisa! LOVE the Cedar Waxwings....I just saw a flock of them this morning :)

  24. I've never seen a Cedar Waxwing in person. They are so beautiful.

  25. Gorgeous birds, Lisa. You are a marvel.

  26. What a wonderful variety of birds you have at your place! I'm so jealous. I've only seen waxwings twice in my life. Their scarcity makes a sighting so special. Beautiful photos!

  27. You get an AMAZING number of varieties of birds in your yard! They’re all wonderful, but the ‘mysterious one’ who seems to enjoy being upside down is most intriguing.
    Hugs and blessings,

  28. Alot of these captures are WOW!
    I envy you...thanks for sharing.
    Love TJ