Friday, March 25, 2011

rough legged hawk soaring


Watching him soaring above simply took my breath away.  We need more take-your-breath moments in our lives!

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There are several rough legged hawks hanging around nearby. We've been seeing the lighter ones, like this guy, and some of the darker versions. The darker ones look a lot like a crow while sitting in the top of a tree, then they spread their wings and you see the white underside the wings.


I cropped this one a bit so you could maybe see better how beautiful he is. I watched him for the longest time!


  1. Absolutely stunning. The bird against the sky is, well, I can't describe the beauty!! ! I'm with you, I love to watch them glide.

  2. As usual, your pictures are amazing. They took my breath away.

  3. Great photo - and I completely agree, we need far more breathtaking moments and less blah days.

  4. You're so right ... he is breathtaking! Beautiful pictures!!!

  5. Yes, he is certainly capable of taking your breath away. Gorgeous bird! I sometimes see a hawk near our garden, but haven't been able to get a good shot. Maybe this summer.

  6. I have never seen this type of hawk...his white and black markings are so striking! What great clarity...that shot is not easy to get!

  7. that is one beautiful hawk. I never saw a light colored one like this.