Thursday, March 10, 2011

March 1, 2011


Not a lot exciting in my world on March 1st, but I had a good lunch at Chili's with my bandit. :) I quit drinking Diet Coke (the only soda for me for the last 16 years) in November - still going strong. Water has grown on me - before, I never drank water - I do mean, never ever. I drank about a 2 ltr of Diet Coke a day and that was all. Now I only drink water, and occasionally a sobe lifewater (no aspartame).

Often I eat a burger or steak at Chili's, but today I had a blt - yum!

firstFirst of the Month


  1. I quit (more or less) drinking coke in november too. I was drinking 4-6 cans a day! I some how went through December with just 6 cans in the whole month. I still allow myself one on the weekends but I don't always have one anymore. I need to up the water drinking still as I mostly switched to Iced Tea (homemade), Lemonade (homemade ) and other juices and milk. I am slowly working on it but the addiction has been broken. When I do have a coke,I drink it slowly now and i notice how sweet (and syrupy!) it is.

  2. So is your bandit your 'first of the month' item/scene? Otherwise you have an aversion to eating by yourself and must bring a furry friend along? :)

  3. Your lunch companion is so cute! And that is alot of Diet Coke you drank!

  4. When you go out, you have to dive in. Restraint is for every other day. Isn't it funny how certain drinks just don't compare to water at some point or another? I find I want soda only after I have done yard work or I have a cold. I need those scrubbing bubbles then!

    Love the photos!

  5. I have also slowed way down on my intake. I do allow myself one diet a week. It is a treat instead of a habit. I actually feel better now that I don't drink them as often. It was hard to quit though and I still don't like all the water. It depends on the taste whether I like it or not. Our tap water is good, but when we go to another city, I find myself drinking a lot of crystal light.

  6. A BLT with Bandit sounds like the perfect way to start the month! Mine is Sprite Zero and I've been trying to drink more water, less diet soda, too. I'd kill for one of those french fries about now! =D

  7. Hey! I just got my first of month post up today! Been at Karmyn's past 8 days...

    I wish I drank more water -- I don't do soda anymore either. But it sure got liquid down a person!