Thursday, November 25, 2010

Views from the car


First time we've seen such a large sign for a geocache, lol. One side read, "Stop at. . .", the other side read, "Thanks for stopping at. . ."


Shortly after the cache we made it to the entrance of Glacier National Park. Snapped a quick shot with the point and shoot and kept snapping while we drove the road in the park, checking out places we might want to stop and walk the next day.



We still had to find a campsite and stuff for dinner etc so we had limited time to explore when we got there.  But it worked out well checking things out via car.  It was great listening to the owls above us while we sat by our fire in the dark and watching the bats flitting around overhead. Very nice night!




  1. Wow! such a gorgeous place. I'm so envious here Lisa, this is what I would like to see instead of the usual high rise apartments around here. On the other hand, camping in the wilderness and back to nature is just not me. I think I'll just stay here and wait for more pictures from you. lol

  2. I agree with Jama - camping sounds great, sleeping under the stars etc. but too many nights spent in luxury hotels have ruined me. What a beautiful place though. Davy and I went to Yellowstone one year - loved it.

  3. Stunning! What a great place to spend some time. I've never seen a sign for a cache either. Looks like a great trip.

  4. OH, how beautiful. I have never seen a sign quite like that for a cache before. That is just crazy, and so hard to miss!! Wish I could take the kids here someday. It looks like something I would love and I could promise that my camera would get a workout!!

  5. So glad you guys had a chance to see Glacier!.... Montana has so much to offer - a little of every biome - you captured the countryside wonderfully ;) We enjoyed our time in Northern Wyoming/Montana so much last summer researching moose in the Tetons/Yellowstone that we rank the area as one of our favorites of all time!

    Ben and Carrie

  6. I'm going to have to send links to all these Glacier photos to my brother.

  7. Just beautiful! Love that sign ... pop, beer, snacks and YARN?